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Rude, incompetent, and appalling customer service

I cannot stress enough how poor the customer service of HP is. Simply appalling.

Quick summary:

Day 1: I contact HP because the fan of my brand new laptop stopped working, causing it to shut down every 5 minutes or so to cool off. They tell me to contact HP France, since I bought it there to have a french keyboard.

Day 2: I contact HP France, who tell me I have global warranty and I should get the laptop fixed in the country where I live. I contact HP Denmark again. They say they will get back to me.

Day 6: I'm told they will fix my laptop and i will be contacted regarding pick-up

Day 14: I havent been contacted and call HP again. We agree a date for pick-up. The earliest possible date is 10 days later.

Day 24: I take the day off from work, since im told my laptop will be picked up between 9am and 5pm. Nobody shows up.

Day 25: I call HP and ask why nobody showed up. We agree a new date two days later.

Day 27: Again, nobody shows up to pick up my laptop, which has been broken for one month.

Day 28: I call HP again to ask why my laptop didnt get picked up. Im told its probably because it was bought in France and I should contact HP France. Here we go again. They say they will look into it.

Day 29: I get a new email message that they will pick up my laptop the next day.

Day 30: Still nobody. I call HP again. They say they can probably send someone in 10 days. No explanation as to why nobody showed up last three times they were supposed to come by: 'that's very strange. I'll put in a new request'. They HANG UP ON ME me, when I mention that i am starting to think they are in bad faith.

Seriously, how do I get my one month old laptop fixed??


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