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Stolen our money and no furniture delivered just before Christmas - cowboys!

I had ordered from this company years ago - or one with a similar name - who knows?! Rumours are that this company was set up as a scam? I ordered again and after numerous problems with delivery and still no furniture I tried to chase them up once and for all and sort it out as was fed up with missed delivery dates. To my shock and a sinking feeling I couldn't get in touch with them through email, phone, facebook or twitter, the company had clearly moved out and no longer existed, yet their site, facebook page, twitter account and everything else still had the latest offers on! Anyway, to cut a long story short - they have my money - I have no furniture and am trying to get my money back by any means possible as ours was a large order over £2500 so can't afford to lose this amount of money! Because we needed the furniture quickly as we have all the family over for Christmas we went to http://www.oakfurnituresolutions.co.uk/ who are absolutely fabulous, very similar (the same in our case) furniture, great customer service and delivered a day early in time for Christmas - we can't thank them enough for coming to our rescue when the cowboys from Furniture 123 have left us penniless and having to sort out trying to get our money back which we could have done without the hassle! Please DON'T use this company and get caught out when there is a perfectly good company who look after their customers and do the same furniture!

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