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Dino PC

Incompetent beyond belief - buyer beware!

Now sorted by the owner driving up and meeting me halfway between us at the top of the Edgware Road.

Only problem now is system is supposed to be overclocked to 4.3Ghz but is stock 3.4 and need to claim a refund for the non delivery I paid for.

Aside from that the system is beautifully fast and quiet. It's their i5 3570L system - with added SSD and upgrading the GTX from a 650 to a 660. Amazingly BF£ still tries to default to medium settings on this rig, but a few tweaks to the high/ultra settings and it runs them like a dream.

Ordered a system with a 3 day turnaround. Got an email Wednesday saying it had shipped, then an email saying ignore that as it hadn't shipped. Called them up, guarunteed I would have it by today (friday 21st). My friend who ordered exactly the same PC at the same time has got his. So I call up again - mine hasnt shipped. Speak to someone in customer service (Alan) - who told me first of all they've had problems with suppliers so haven't been able to fulfill orders on time. I point out I have been told mine has been built and is ready to go and should be here today. When he asked who told me that, I referred him to the email HE sent me and the phone conversation we had on Wednesday where HE guarunteed it would be here today. Now I am stuck waiting for an imaginary (I presume) manager to call me. They have offered to get it here for tomorrow (saturday) which is no good to me as I only have people around today. I have offered to drive down to London (I am only 20miles away) and meet someone part way to collect it - again, told this could not happen. I believe I am going to be fobbed off and fobbed off as they have already lied to me once with the excuses given about suppliers. So far this has been a complete shambles - they have my money, I do not have my product when they have told me I will have it. Buyer beware of this company.

update - 30 mins later, still no call from said manager - you would think they'd like to get this rectified?!?!

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