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hopeless and misleading website/ online delivery service

I saw a beanbag which I wanted and the site said it was in stock, so I went ahead and ordered it. After the initial email confirming I'd made an order, I heard nothing, so after a week, I tried to track where it was in the delivery system. There was no information so I contacted one of their online sales advisors via the website. She was incredibly helpful - I can't fault her at all - but when she looked into it, it turned out that although the website listed the item 'in stock', delivery could take up to 112 days as the item needed to be made to order. This was extremely annoying. i've cancelled the order and been promised a refund within 7 days. If it doesn't turn up within that time frame, I will re review this store and give them 1 star instead!! I would be very wary of online shopping with them again as their database systems don't seem to be able to cope with e-commerce.

City Link

totally hopeless

I ordered an item at John Lewis, and paid extra for a named day and delivery slot of before 10.30am. The item hasn't turned up (it's now 4pm), they are not taking telephone calls (a recorded message says the call volume is too high, please call later) so I have no way of knowing whether the item will be delivered today or not, my day has been ruined as I've been waiting in and unable to do anything else, and having read all the terrible reviews of CityLInk both on this forum and on others, I'm now facing the stress and anxiety of the possibility that the item ( a gift for my boyfriend) doesn't turn up before Christmas at all.

I am very angry and frustrated with CityLInk, but actually, even more angry with John Lewis, for contracting with a delivery company who are the subject of so many complaints and so much customer misery. Shame on them.

Over a year later, and I order two items via the Amazon Prime service. I get sent an auto email by Amazon saying the items will be delivered by City Link, diligently check the ETA of the items, wait in all 1 day. Nothing. Check their site again the following morning. It says the items wll be delivered that day. Wait in again ALL DAY.No updates available on the CityLInk site about the whereabouts of the items. the following day, check their site again and it now says they've attempted to deliver both items twice, left delivery cards (err- NO they haven't, and no they didn't), and had successfully delivered one of them the previous day, signed for by 'illegible'. Spend 4 hours backwards and forwards with customer service who try their best to help but seem to be helpless as its the depot that have all the information. They admit they still have both items, and promise the one which had not claimed to be delivered already will arrive by 1pm. I wait in. It doesn't. The other item needs to be reloaded onto a van, but that can only happen first thing in the morning, and I am told that it might be loaded up the next day but it might not. I phone Amazon and tell them that I will not wait any longer for the items, and they should arrange to have CityLink send them back to Amazon from the depot and give me a refund which they do, with much apology. I am amazed that this firm is still in business, and am re-thinking my Amazon Prime subscription (which has up to now - using other couriers - been an absolute blessing, as I have an 8 month old baby and a lot of pressure on my time). AVOID THIS FIRM AT ALL COSTS.

John Lewis


I should start by saying that I generally love John Lewis. I appreciate their delightful in store customer service, their lovely stores, and think their online shopping experience is one of the best... UNTIL...you order something online, and request delivery as opposed to collection. It used to be fine, but they seem to have changed their infrastructure and now it's really awful. A month ago, I ordered some goods using their free 'delivery within 5 days' service, only to find that once ordered, there was no way of tracking delivery - and that it could turn up without warning at any point in the 5 days. I came home from work one day, to find a note through the door saying the courier company (My Hermes) had tried to deliver, but as we were not in, had left the package..in THE BIN. I actually couldn't believe my eyes. It really was in the front garden in the dustbin. Luckily, rubbish collection had already taken place the previous day, but it could have been a total disaster.

Last week, I thought this had to be a dodgy one off experience, and tried ordering onlne again, this time paying £10 for a named day, pre 10.30 am delivery slot. The courier company on this occasion is CityLink. They have not turned up (it's now 4pm and my day is in ruins), there's no tracking information online - it just says it's been loaded onthe van and should be delivered before 10.30am, and CityLink's call centre isn't taking any calls. The recorded message says that this is due to 'high call volume'. With crappy service like this, I"m not surprised they are experiencing high call volume.

Sadly, though I will continue to shop with John Lewis in store, I will no longer use their on-line delivery service unless there is absolutely no other option.

Given the terrible reviews of CityLInk on this forum, and lots of others, I am really shocked that John Lewis are contracting with them for delivery of goods, and my opinion of them, and their brand has been badly affected.

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