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Nice flowers but smaller than I expected

I decided to buy the "WOW" flowers for my mother's 50th birthday as they looked nice and were very popular. I decided to pay an extra TWENTY pounds to make them large. They arrived about half an hour ago and I must say that she was very pleased, BUT never again will I pay £49.95 for this. I personally think it's a bit of a scam to tempt you with an upgrade like this. I have bought from eflorist once before - for a regular bunch - and I was happy with them. Conclusion: Don't buy large. It's not worth it.


Very poor quality I'm afraid...

I spent over 20 hours designing two photo books of a recent holiday. It was going to be a christmas present to the family.

The software they provide was actually quite straight forward to use once you familiarise yourself with it.

However upon delivery (and they wouldn't let me combine both books in the same post because I was using two voucher codes) the lack of quality was evident.

A good photo book should look nice and have a professional feel about it. The two I received looked cheap and tacky. The photos were definitely not of the largest resolution that I had uploaded them with. All photos looked pixilated. The quality of the printing is another story. Some pictures portrayed vertical lines and smudges. The colour wasn't right either. The contrast was terrible so all the photos appeared slightly grey.

Well done printerpix. Some companies just don't care about their finished product. With printerpix, it's all about enticing people into an attractive bargain and delivering them the bare minimum. I can guarantee that they make all of their profits from new customers as you would have to be stupid to be a returning one.

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