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Unreliable, rude, incompetent, aggressive

I have been using All Hampstead Taxis for about 4 months now and feel let down every time. The drivers never know the quickest route and seem to take us on increasing more obscure ones each time.

The weekend just pasted (18/01/14) was the final straw. Arriving late to our house in Muswell Hill the driver did not get out to open the boot for our luggage which we had to cram into the back seats with us. There was an awkwardness in the car as the driver was increasingly short with us. Upon confirming to him we wished to go to Soho he proceeded to drive. The route he chose was the strangest yet, out to East Finchley then around Hampstead Heath. Eventually getting into town (45mins later - a 25min journey see here - ) we asked to stop at a restaurant on the way to quickly check the waiting time, it was too long so we asked to continue to the Soho hotel. The driver did not know how to get to the Hotel on Dean Street and told us we would have to walk from Oxford Street - with our luggage. Insult to injury he then continued to demand £27 for the trip - despite being quoted £20 from the head office and the fact he had not even completed the journey - we were walking the remainder.
This wasn't even the worst of it, refusing to pay this inflated price due to the poor service we payed the original £20 quoted and proceeded to exit the car. The driver followed aggressively and then tried to take our luggage from us and shouting at the top of his voice "You pay the money! You pay the money! I get the police!" repeatedly. Not to mention his dirty looking clothes and undone trousers. We paid him £5 extra and asked for his taxi number to file a complaint to which he refused to give and said to get it off the back of the taxi and then he drove off speedily.

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