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Frost Auto Restoration Techniques

Got exactly what I ordered.

Happy with the service overall & would order again.


Absolute nightmare

I put a car on eBay for sale & I had nothing but hassle. eBay need to more to protect sellers from time wasters as well as protecting sellers.
They should re-introduce -ve feedback for buyers.

Found a great room at a good price

Got us a great room right next to Heathrow airport at a really cheap price without any hassle at all.


Good quality & service

The provisional tools are top quality better than Snap-on.
The tools break less often than Snap-on, are cheaper than Snap-on & they honor the life time warranty, unlike Snap-on you can walk into the store anytime you like, not wait for the Snap-on rep to call.

T Mobile

Got to be one of the worst phone companies in the world

I thought Orange was bad OMG I was glad to go back to Orange after this shower, terrible terrible customer service, I even got a default off them for £40 that I didn't agree to pay!! Do not use them under any circumstances, the signal is really bad everywhere. All up the M4 all over Swansea, Gower & Neath. Stay clear you have been warned


Great Pizza but very expensive

We recently had a delivery & I was quite shocked how expensive it was.
Twice the price of the pizza shop across the road.

Good service but you get stalked afterwards

I had good quality products & a decent price, the faulty item I once had was replaced free without drama. When I'm ready to buy again I will. They keep bombarding me with emails though I feel like I'm being stalked

21 November 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I apologise for all the emails you have been receiving.

If you wish, please email me at with an order number or your account number and I can remove you from the mail list.

I would also like to thank you for your comments regarding our products and prices.

Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team if you have any future queries.

Kind Regards

Ebuyer Resolution Team


Very useful tips to save money

Excellent free site although the anti-virus links that are supposed to be free aren't really.

Good service but a bit expensive

I suppose you get what you pay for, they have a reliable service if a little expensive


Crap signal & crap customer service

Try complaining to Orange, they've got to big for their boots, the customer isn't always right anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stupid rules that make it hard for sellers

Why can't you leave feedback for buyers when they can leave it for you??????????????????????


Prompt delivery of exactly what I ordered

It was a gift for my left handed tiler who complained that he couldn't buy a left handed tilers trowel anywhere. I bought it on-line & it was here within 2 days. He really liked the product & the quality, no complain'ts from me.

Mazuma Mobile

Purfect Service

Kept me informed all the time, gave me a really good price, completly hastle free

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