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Wheres the no star option for the lying morons?!?!

liars and cheats couldnt organise a p*** up in a brewery never mind deliver a parcel! been on watchdog in 2010 under a different name and nothings changed!! well thanks yodel i now have 2 kids that are not getting their christmas pressent that should of been here 3weeks ago!! you say you have attempted delivery when you havent and we have cctv to prove you are lying about your so called attempts and then on the friday before christmas you return the parcels to the sender stating that you had tried three times even though your operator stated that the scanning must of happened by mistake? never trust this firm with anything they lie and having read other reviews on various sites they also damage property and have even been known to threaten people when they complain to the drivers about the state of the parcels.... any firm that uses yodel should be avoided too as there is more than enough information out there for anyone to see just how useless they really are


pathetic just doesnt cover it

we ordered 3 bikes and a few other bits from tesco direct for the kids christmas pressents on the 8th of december. when we checked out it stated 5 day delivery which suited me as would reach my days off from work. the following day half the delivery was dropped at a neighbours house no signatures or anything fortunately i have honest neighbours. its now the 21st and i am still waiting for 2 bikes that have allegedly been attempted to be delivered 3 times.... the first lie! allegedly the delivery firm (yodel) used by tescos had visited my home at 1022 and then again at 1122 both times leaving a card well i was in all day and no card was left and my dogs made no sound so no delivery was made the next day the driver managed to turn up in the 15 mins i popped to the shop and did leave a card. having rang the number to an automated service i find that the item number on the card is not recognised and it isnt online either... several phone calls later with no reply i finally get to chat online with an advisor who tells me that there was only one attempt made on the 1st day so they would rebook for the 20th and deliver it to my work address as this was open 24hrs a day so there had to be someone in.... 20th didnt happen surprise surprise and when checking the online tracking i find out its all been returned to tescos distribution center. 5 calls later i find out that they were not going to tell me about this but wait til the stuff was back and then refund the money to my account well thanks tesco I am now going to have 2 kids without their bikes christmas morning because and i quote "its out of your hands" well whos hands is it in??? what a shiny pill of shite you really are and your socalled good will guesture of redelivering the bikes after christmas and a refund of £50 is really an insult to the kids especially as you havent followed through on any of it up to now. Tesco if you actually bother reading any of this check reviews on your delivery firms!!!! Yodel are a crap waste of space that lie and cheap people out of their deliveries! do yourselves a favour and listen to the people that keep you in business and start looking after the customer again

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