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An excellent comprehensive program to keep my computers up-to-date.

I've been a satisfied Auslogics BoostSpeed subscriber ever since its public debut! Just how long ago, I just don't now remember. There were no computer problems per se that prompted me to subscribe to BoostSpeed. Being hesitant to do some of the maintenance like removing "junk files" or speeding up my Internet connection and afraid to use other programs that appeared to me to require a greater knowledge of computers than I felt I had prompted me to try BoostSpeed.

I first learned of BoostSpeed when I went to the site to download Auslogics’ Defragment program. That program was praised on Fred Langa’s LangaList newsletter, to which I subscribed, as the fastest and safest defragment program on the Internet.

I chose BoostSpeed over other brands because of the Auslogics’ Defragment program. It worked like a gem and I was impressed with the quality and speed of the program that I felt any Auslogics program would have the same quality and I WAS RIGHT! BoostSpeed does everything I need to have done to keep my computers up-to-date and in good shape. There has been no need to try let alone buy another brand.

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Dan Parker
Male, 1940
Osoyoos, Canada


I am happily married to a beautiful woman and have been so for 48 years. I retired from my position of Labour Relations Practitioner in a British Columbia Crown Corporation in 2001. I have been on both sides of the bargaining table, representing both Unions and Management in the private sector before moving to a Crown Corporation.