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Terrible experience

I wasted way too much time on this company with no end product. I feel violated! Equifax made it ridiculously difficult to get a credit report, every corner turned yielded another one. You'll have to submit so much information about yourself, and that includes bank details - gave me a headache. After what i thought was the application complete, i was THEN directed to phone a premium rate number to confirm. (5p/min) The cheek of it. Finally 20 minutes later i get to speak with customer service, the woman seemed pleasant enough, but had a foreign accent and wasn't always clearly heard. She told me i had to submit a driving licence or passport in order to activate my account. She gave me the web address, once there i couldn't even log into the account that would allow me to submit the documents :S I had no other alternative than to phone the premium rate number again to see why i couldn't proceed. At this point i had already decided i would no longer finish off the process, and resigned to the fact i had lost time and money in trying to secure a credit report. So i phone back up and it's the same woman. I explain the situation and she says it will be possible to do so now if i try again. I refused to do so. I had a mini rant at why it was so hard to get a credit report and she actually sympathised, which goes to show that this is no doubt a familiar problem she deals with everyday. Anyway i was worried about money coming out of my account after the 30 free trial was up, but she confirmed that because the account had not been activated no money would be taken. I still have my doubts about this and will monitor my account closely in the next few months.
The overall experience in dealing with Equifax was teriible. How they remain in business is a mystery to me. AVOID at all costs.

MyProtein caught up in Oompa Loompa mystery

MyProtein's turnaround from point of sale to delivery is remarkable to say the least! Outstanding in fact, that has led many to believe MyProtein actually employs Oompa Loompas in their factories. MyProtein has since come out and denied this, maintaining that all human employees are treated with 'dignity' and 'respect' but do go on to say that 'Pulse V4 breaks has driven efficiency off the scale'.
Interestingly, if MyProtein isn't found to be using Oompa Loompas; and we'll probably never know the truth, then they'll have a hard time explaining, how and why their company has achieved so much in so little time. Prices are kept low, why? Oompa Loompa! Fast dispatch? Oompa Loompas! Quality assurance of all products that excel and surpass other known brands....I rest my case!
Questions may be asked of MyProtein and their orange faced workers - but there is no denying they stand ironically the tallest in a very saturated supplement market. For me, easily the best around.

Oompa Loompa Doompadee dee, if you are wise you'll listen to me.

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