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You pay peanuts, and make us wait an age for your eventual payment!!

Avoid Musicmagpie like the plague - Whilst the drop and collect facility is great it doesnt speed the process up one bit. My order was picked up in what seemed like super speedy time, what then transpired was 3 weeks of endless pointless emails telling me the current status of events - most of which seemed way over what is an acceptable period. Finally after 3 weeks i was paid my pitiful sum of £8.37 - all in all a 24 day turnaround period (which im sure youre response will deny and state it was paid within timescales stated in your T & C - which it wasnt!). FAR from fast as advertised on their site, and hardly worth the time or effort for the peanuts paid for the items. Honest opinion would be to go out and use your discs as frisbees, it will certainly provide you with more entertainment and less stress!! As for the adverts where people are shown waving a cheq for £50.....one can only assume the cameraman chose not to pan out his shot, because for £50 the house would need to be left empty to get that much out of musicmagpie!!! Everyone has an opinion and for me i would advise people to go to their nearest dvd retailer, or c*x in any local town - I guarantee you will get more for your money than musicmagpie pay!

27 December 2012

Reply from musicMagpie

Hi Paul - You dropped your box off at your local Collect+ point on 23/11, and we sent your payment by BACS out just 12 working days later on 7/12. This is well within the timescales indicated on our website. If you weren't happy with the valuations, you could have removed items from the order or even cancelled the order altogether at any point prior to sending your items off to us. Many thanks! musicMagpie

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