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Awful customer service. WORST company I have dealt with and won't use them again!

IWOOT used to be a good website, but recently their customer service has been atrocious. Once they have your money they do not care if something goes wrong.
They did not deliver some items out of a large order, but say they were packed in the box with everything else and have charged me for them. It takes several days for them to reply to an online message, and can even take days for them to answer their phone!

Eventually they said I need to fill in a declaration to say I did not receive these items, I presume so they can claim back from their courier or insurance, so I ask them to send me this form, but the customer service person cannot do this apparently; they need to request this "centrally". This can then take 24-36 hours to be emailed out apparently. What a joke! It should not take over a day to email out a standard form. Especially since over a week later they still have not sent it to me. Again, their customer service phone line is engaged or you get put in a queue, and there does not appear to be anyone intelligent responding to the online message. These guys are useless and once I have got my money refunded (including phone charges, hopefully) then I will not be using them again!

Over a week later I still have not received their declaration form, but they do say if I send in my phone bill they will "look into" refunding my call charges! I have no confidence that they can achieve even that!

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