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City Link

City link do not care about their customers

To update this review. I received an automated e-mail to-day 2nd October telling me they had resolved my problem - only 9 months and two weeks after they should have delivered! Nice of them since they ignored all my complaints in their online form last December when they were lying about attempted deliveries.

Returning to this site I see they have made no attempt to improve

According to their website they tried to deliver twice. We were in on both occasions on the second only 10ft from the front door having tea. Getting though on the phone is impossible either the automated response without even putting me in a queue or I have to give up - after 45 mins of waiting. Even John Lewis were put on hold fro 5 mins when I contacted their customer service.
As they never came to the house I have no card to collect from the depot.
They told John Lewis that even tho there are 2 full days to go they cannot be bothered to try to deliver again and that i must stay in all day on the 27th and 28th. This seems pretty pointless as they do not even come anywhere near my house, which is 60 years old and in an urban environment -hardly difficult to find. The number is on the door.
It seems that City Link are purely driven by profit and as long as the likes of amazon and John Lewis use them they will regard their customers as dirt- .from their drivers to their delivery depots to customer services, which have failed to respond to two complaints left on their site. Presumably they use a cheap skate sat nav or their is no customer care incentive to get out of their cabs and deliver -simply mark as not in

On Friday 28th I was phoned by Ion Audio, the firm despatching on John Lewis's behalf.They told me to wait in for two whole days whilst citty link pretended to deliver again. I said i wanted my money back. I looked on the city link siteto-day 31st dec and saw that my parcel, far from being at Ion Audio it is in fact out for delivery again. Even allowing for Sundays and bank hols this is six days of inaction by john lewis/ion audio/city link. None of these organisations bothered to let me know that they were going to ignore my request and continue with the pretend deliveries. But as the driver won't even get out of the van I don't suppose it will make any difference whether there is anyone here or not
On the 27th I found that city link 'customer service' had deleted my online complaints and instructions. They have my e-mail and phone number but all I ever got was an automated e-mail.
From other consumer sites it would seem that John Lewis have known of city links reputation for at least two years but continue to use them - which says something about JL.
Looking up City link on wiki is illuminating -from its founding by minicab drivers (says it all) to its computer foul ups to its current financial status.

I think the parcels do not leave the depot, a small quantity get to lgo out on the raod the rest are simply scanned at the beginning of the day and then just scanned again later on and marked as delivery attempted.


Parcel delivered at 2,15. Honest driver too - they never attempted delivery before christmas. The parcel was marked that Ion audio had instructed city link to deliver despite me saying to them on the 28th to return the parcel to themselves and give me my money back

They seem to use white vans now - probably too risky to be out on the road in marked van.

SUGGEST - only use Royal Mail -reliably delivered to neighbours before and after christmas AND mention the online retailer who has chosen to use city link to deliver despite city links reputation when posting your views on consumer sites

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