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Absolutely appalling service. Day light robbery!

So, I ordered a photo book from these Jokers, as a Christmas present to my parents. It cost £39.55 + £3.52 p&p.

It arrived and ALLL the pages were the wrong way up. So I phone their "customer services" department and get told to email their quality department. That actually makes sense as they wanted photo proof of the mess the book was in.

Well, you send an email and there's no acknowledgement that they're even dealing with your issue, so you're completely in the dark. I emailed a second time and got a response in minutes saying they've already received my first email and it's being dealt with.

3 days later I get an email to say I have a "Vistaprint Merchandise Credit Confirmation". What?! So you don't reorder the book and make it right, you credit me?! And not even to my bank or card, but to "my vista print account"?!

And get this, it's not even including postage, so if I reorder, I have to pay postage again?! What kind of joke is this?! I am seething and will ensure I DO NOT buy from them again. I WILL get this money and my p&p refunded and take the business they so obviously don't want to a company that isn't screwing me.

The expletives I have on the tip of my tongue cannot be typed here, but god, I'm angry. I would avoid this company like a virulent disease. Sure, it all seems good when everything is fine, but once they make a mistake, you won't want to be anywhere near a company who has such contempt for their "customers".

01 January 2013

Reply from Vistaprint

Hi Gary , we're sorry to hear that your order was not as expected. One of Our customer service team will get in touch with you to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

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