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City Link

A company with ZERO common business sense!

Had a note pushed through my door saying they tried to deliver something (during working hours so surprise, surprise, I was not in!) and on calling their number, an automated service informs me that they won't redeliver without authorisation from the person/firm that posted it - but of course they won't reveal who that is!
Mr automation does inform me I have five days to collect whatever the hell it is from their Cardiff office though (how convenient - that's only 30 miles away!).
I mean come on guys, COMMON SENSE!!! If you are a courier firm and going to deliver 30 miles from your nearest base, you might want to try and contact the recipient first to find a mutual time rather than waste a journey during a time of day that there is a high likelihood of the recipient not being there to receive the package! I have no idea who used them or what I've missed but if I ever find out I will point out to avoid CityLink at all costs especially if they claim to deliver anywhere (and that includes such rare/uncommon things as towns and villages) - as I rather suspect the clue to their ineptitude and lack of flexibility is in their name!

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