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Wasadvised by a family member to try Perfect Glasses, and did compare their quote with my usual supplier, Boots who were £45 dearer.
My prescription was for varifocal lenses and after the prescription was emailed there was a delay in confirmation that Perfect Glasses could supply the lenses and the price they quoted.
I have received them today, Monday when I was advised to be in to receive them on the Tuesday, just as well somebody was home today, though I would have been tomorrow!
Now wearing the glasses and immediately am aware that it is more noticeable that I have to adjust the position of my head to gain clarity of vision for reading at a distance, and the boundary line seems to be more defined whereas my old lenses seemed to graduate the vision.This is poving a bit of an inconvenience when wearing the new glasses working at my laptop on my kness, as now have to tip my head down to gain focus of scree content which I didn't with the old ones.Better if I purt the lap top further away when typing and can gain focus.

excellent web site, promt no hassle service.

Intuitive web sie, easy to order goods, prompt delivery.

Christopher and thanks for your order´s profile

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