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So disappointed... twice!

I ordered some flowers in November for the Saturday before Christmas, asking the family to stay in so that they would receive them. I presumed that ordering them so far in advance and for a few days before Christmas would mean that there would be no problems... boy, was I wrong! They did not arrive, and after speaking to THREE members of the online team I got no explanation of why they did not arrive other than the mysterious umbrella of 'technical issues', and got offered a voucher for £5.00 off my next purchase. The online chat cut off before I could receive my voucher, but after another 20 minutes with another member of the team I received it. I had worries about ordering from Iflorist again, but ignoring my instinct I nevertheless ordered a new bunch for Christmas Eve, asking the family to stay in. Again, no flowers arrived. There was no email or contact from the company with any explanation, and after I spoke to the online team again, I finally got told that 'your product got out of stock' and 'it should be tomorrow'. Seeing as this was the second time I had tried getting flowers and it was too late to send them now anyway, I just asked for a refund as there was no guarantee of them getting sent. I had to speak to two of the online team over a painstaking 75 minutes before I they said that they could not give me a refund without speaking to the warehouse. They invited me to 'come on chat tomorrow for the same' to further discuss the issue, as 'due to hectic schedule we are unable to get back to most of our customers' and they 'would appreciate if you can come on chat to sort it out'. Thanks a lot.

I still have not received any information. Absolutely fuming.

I can understand why there is no phone number, but I have found that the online team is slow with no tact or explanation. They are, however, better than the email team who do not respond at all to issues.

I do not usually complain about companies, but was so appalled by the lack of communication and help with this company that I felt as if others should be warned.

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03 January 2013

Reply from iflorist

Dear Charlie

Thanks for your feedback. I am very sorry to hear of the problems you have recently had with our services. We do appreciate all feedback we get as this helps us to avoid problems like this happening again in the future. I will certainly be refunding you for this order straight away and we would also like to offer you a complimentary bouquet as an apology from Iflorist and to make up for all the inconvenience caused. I hope that we can prove your experience was an unfortunate coincidence so that you again will use Iflorist in the future. We hope this is satisfactory and I will e-mail you personally now regarding this matter.

Kind Regards



Lovely staff, sort problems right out!

All the people here are lovely. Good food at good prices. The last time I went there my food arrived 20 minutes before everyone elses, so I had finished and had to sit awkwardly whilst everyone else ate. The lady serving us noticed, offering me chips but I declined. After we paid the bill she came up with a free dessert for each of us because of the problem, which was lovely. Despite some of the bad reviews on here, all the staff at the Cheltenham branch are stars.

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