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Easy peasy service !

Used this company many times, never a problem, unlike ' Royal Fail ' with their Fagin pick pocketty sticky fingered sorters, don't ever waste your time trying to get compensation from Royal Fail either, you're on a hiding to nothing, best you can expect is a book of stamps .... " Pahhh " !!
P2G have a few restrictions on stuff but it's no different with RF, at least I can be sure my parcel will not have been tampered with by sending it with P2G, local drop off shop is, well ..... local !! So it's a no brainer for me, forget the bad reviews on here some people have difficulty counting on two hands never mind weighing and measuring a package ..... : ))

Many thanks to Emma for help with sending glass items ...... : ))


Beat this then ...

Right now 26/04/13 e2save are doing the HTC One in silver on a 24 mth contract.
Unlimited minutes
Unlimited texts
1GB data allowance
How much for what is probably the best state of the art smartphone at the moment ?
FREE PHONE on O2 ...........( with cashback ) ...... £28.00 per month !!!!!!!!!!!

I mean c'mon what do you guys want ? Just ordered mine ... : ))

*** 29/05/13 ***
Ooooops, looks like this offer is no longer available ! ...... you snooze, you lose !!


Undercover boss needed !!

So, the new CEO John Cleland plans to invest £40M in Maplins does he, well, he'd better consider spending a good chunk of that on staff training, my recent visit to Cannock left a lot to be desired, no greeting no smile, just a look, yes that look when you walk into a strange pub from all the regulars. The guys didn't seem very happy either, ok I know it's Saturday night but hey, be happy you got a job ..... right ? Mind you if I'd been given that scruffy black top to wear at work maybe I'd be feeling the same way, looks like they'd been issued one top and then worn it solid for two months, and maybe slept in it !! Mr Cleland with his track record should know better than anyone else the importance of a tidy appearance and a friendly manner unfortunately I didn't see much of either at Cannock. Luckily for Maplins there's not much competition on the high street, if you need something electronic and you need it today it's Maplins, but, don't get too complacent Maplins I only bought from there because of the sale and doubt very much if I'll be making a second visit, sorry !

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Irritable old bastard able to pick fault with anything and anybody, enjoys e-mailing local authorities, his MP, the MOD and local government bodies about injustices and inept lazy officials, tries unsuccessfully to look on the brighter side of life.