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Totally Wicked ELiquid

Good service, overpriced delivery on small items.

I have always been impressed with Totally Wicked's products. However, i was initially put off by the £2.99 delivery on anything you order. I can understand it for items like starter kits and other such things that come in a box and therefore cost more to deliver, but some kit they sell could easily be delivered in a large envelope for a cheaper rate like another vendor do. This is for replacement or accessory items such as batteries, e liquid etc. So it puts me off buying replacements or liquid just because of the delivery price, if you are only buying say 2 bottles of e liquid you have to pay an extra £3 for delivery, which is why i buy all my liquids elsewhere, which is a shame because i do enjoy TW's flavours and find their products to be one of the best.

However aside from that, i think they do give an excellent service, customer service is very good, i have received a faulty item and have been sent an envelope to send it back in so will update to see what happens with that. Very impressed with their titan tank and tornado tank, i think they are very good e cigs, possibly the best kits you can buy, and if you take advantage of their discounts that they have from time to time, you might just save yourself as much money as you are paying for the postage.

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Nevada Music

Good prices, reliable service

I ordered my Roland Street Cube from Nevada because they offered the best price i could find, it was £45 cheaper than anywhere else! Also, because it was over a certain amount they gave me free delivery, so that was great. Their service and delivery was very good, i didn't expect such a fast delivery seeing as it was over the new year period, but i was pleasantly surprised! There was a delay in the shipping as it could not be dispatched on new years day, i expected this anyway as i ordered the item on the 30th of December, but they did go to the trouble of emailing me to inform me of the delay which was very good of them and not many companies do that. The item arrived on Thursday the 3rd which was great considering that i ordered it just before new years, very impressed. Would recommend this company to anyone, the item was packaged very well and was a quick delivery and the customer service was above and beyond. You can't go wrong, really.

Liberty Flights

Good service, dealt with faulty item without fuss.

I ordered my vision clearomizers from Liberty flights and it was speedy delivery. One of my clearomizers didn't work though, the coil wasn't active at all and just seemed lifeless, it just wasn't vaping. I let liberty flights know about this issue and they sent me an email of things to try, i tried them all but their suggestions didn't seem to fix the fault in my clearomizer. I let them know that i tried all their suggestions to fix it but that it still wasn't working. They replied soon after and told me that they will send me a replacement clearomizer. The replacement clearomizer arrived two days afterward and they hadn't charged me a penny for shipping or anything. Very good customer service, many companies try to do whatever they can to save replacing anything, but liberty flights replied quickly to my emails and were efficient in sending me a replacement. Highly recommend this company, a great supplier of vaping equipment and as i say, great customer service, you won't go far wrong with this company.

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