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I got a confirmation confirming that I had been accepted with Marisota on the 1st December 2012 and that my credit limit was £125 . On the 21st December 2012 I ordered some Christmas present for my daughter and I got a confirmation email to tell me goods would be delivered on Christmas Eve .Today 23rd December i thought I would track the order just to make sure all was on schedule and to my disbelief my account says goods cancelled and my credit limit reduced to zero, I am very disappointed at this late stage as no one had told me that it was cancelled or even tried to contact me and they have two numbers for me . I even checked my email and no mention of any cancellation . This is very unprofessional. I wish I had read this review site first now as i notice that someone else had the same problem as me . What if I had not checked my account I would not of been any wiser until Christmas eve probably after the shops had closed and so near to Christmas. this needs to be addressed with the company.They could have lease rang or emailed me but nothing. The other person with the same problem where order cancelled and not notified was back in August 2012 it is now December 2012 so clearly this has not been addressed by Marisota, I would have though It is courteous to keep someone informed who is doing business with them . Very Very Sad Company, stay clear of them .

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