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I have received an email from Totally Nourish with the offer of a free product when I buy another EXPENSIVE product. 2 weeks later I have received a parcel containing both products. I later discovered that one of them was nearly the expiration date and couldn’t use it. I called the customer services and asked for it to be replaced. The person whom I spoke to said there was nothing she would do about it as the product was on offer.
I was appalled and distressed by this company’s selling tactics. I was tricked into the purchase and then was sent a product which was nearly expiring so I couldn’t use it. This was very unusual to me as all other companies I have bought from dispatched the medicines and supplements at least 8-12 months before the expiry date.
I found this experience quite upsetting and would not recommend this retailer to anyone. And as a general advice to those who read this review: check the expiry date of any medicine or supplement you purchase over the internet and stay away from rouge traders like Totally Nourish!



I had published my review about the company called ROOMPADDY about tricking their customers in booking a room to rent which doesn’t exist and then charge full sum of money from their accounts in advance without them even knowing about it, then refuse to refund it trying to buy the time for the money to sit on their accounts. I wrote a short review which soon was removed because ROOMPADDY made a complaint about it. A couple of days later I have received an email from <private data removed> asking to provide some proof that transaction has taken place and only then to reinstate my review.
I have provided the required documents without delay, but my review was not published and <private data removed> requested to modify my review because he said there was not enough information about the whole process between me and ROOMPADDY. I have explained that my review was genuine and it reflected my experience showing how I felt about it. But <private data removed> still insisted that review should have been modified promising to publish my review as soon as I do it.
Soon after I have modified my old review and put more information into it. But <private data removed> did not keep his promises and made an UNBELIEVABLE third request to modify my review stating that “Scam” is a swear word. I could not believe such ridiculous statement made by <private data removed> and was appalled by his unhealthy interest to keep my genuine review out, hassling me with his emails with overwhelming demands, making false promises he did not keep.
Now I can see that other people had the same experience as me and managed to post their comment. My review however has never been approved by <private data removed>.

27 May 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your feedback and for using Trustpilot.

I have talked to my colleague and the review you originally posted is currently not considered valid. This is due to your use of certain words, which my colleague has already informed you about in more details.

We have identified you as a real customer of the company you reviewed - and thanks for providing the documentation. So I would kindly ask you to modify the tone of your original review in order to reactivate it.

I understand that the hassle seems unnecessary, but in order to maintain a high review quality overall, we have these guidelines a review should follow:

Thanks for your understanding.

Joakim Ditlev



I was a member of Badoo for about a year. Since then I have spent almost £200 on its services buying premium upgrades and points. Anyone would say I must be mad to spend such a staggering amount of money just for 1 dating site when you have a choice of thousands in this day and age. I must admit it was too much and any business would treat such customers on a VIP basis. Well, my service from Badoo was far below average.
I have recently upgraded to another 6 months premium service which is not cheap. But a couple of days later I noticed I could not log in anymore. I have not received any emails or notifications from Badoo and did not know what was going on. I have contacted customer services, but the explanation was that they received too many complaints about me and my account was removed. I must say I did not change my profile since I become a member and was never rude to other members, so their actions were unreasonable. I know that some people just click on “report spam or abuse” in revenge because they do not receive a response from a certain member. But incompetent Badoo staff refuse to realise this or even access an individual case or any circumstances. They just deleted my account.
I could not tolerate this attitude anymore and decided to move on and spend my money somewhere else where I would be treated with respect I deserve. I asked for refund but they refused to give it to me. I currently intend to file a complaint and possibly a Lawsuit against this company which obviously has no appropriate conduct in providing the services they charge their customers for.

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I don’t even know where to start my review. The service from Virgin Media is unacceptable and should be reviewed by Ofcom. I am speechless and appalled by the fact the companies like Virgin Media are allowed to run their business which has no basic standards or procedures of in any way acceptable customer service they would follow correctly.
I have signed up to 30 Meg Broadband package and promised FREE installation by a sales agent. Later I have received a confirmation e-mail which confirmed the installation fee of £49.95. I have called customer services and had to battle the installation agent to give me a FREE installation as promised. He had agreed to give it to me. But, of course, he did not make any records of it on my account. I then received a contract which confirmed I WOULD BE CHARGED for the installation. I felt like banging my head of a brick wall at that point!
Finally the day of the installation has come and I was waiting for the engineer to arrive within my allocated slot 8am-1pm. There was no engineer in sight. I had to make 3 lengthy phone calls to chase this up and finally to make this happen today. I had to cancel my work for the rest of the day. He turned up at 3:30pm (2.5 hours late!) With his unbelievably lazy attitude he barely spent 5 minutes with me connecting the scruffy looking “Super Hub” to my old NTL box which hasn’t been used for 10 years. With no testing or any work done, he just plugged in the router and left! He obviously was in a hurry and had absolutely NO interest in his job whatsoever! I was left with no manual or cable, just “Super Hub” which wasn’t working.
After this cowboy installation I had to make 8 extremely lengthy calls to different departments of Virgin Media customer services incurring a massive £30 bill as I had to use my mobile phone (I have no landline). The main department is in foreign country and some CS agents speak very poor English. It is very frustrating to get any help from them.
In the end I was promised another engineer to visit, but I would have to wait A FEW MORE DAYS. Finally I decided I had enough and called to cancel my contract. People who work in Virgin Media have NO interest in their customers! Still have a doubt? Try it for yourself!

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I have ordered from Hungryhouse a few times. And I can say that YOUR MONEY WITH HUNGRYHOUSE IS NOT SAFE! They falsify your Hungryhouse account information only to protect the restaurant, not you if the things go wrong. Customer services representatives are rude and unreliable. The restaurants do whatever they want without any control. Make sure you check your Hungryhouse and your bank accounts frequently as they can charge you out of blue for food you have never had or ordered. STAY AWAY FROM THE COMPANY WHICH SUPPORTS FRAUD!

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24 December 2012

Reply from hungryhouse.co.uk

Dear "Mike Litvin"

We definitely need to understand and clear that situation personally.

Please contact us at help@hungryhouse.co.uk

Your hungryhouse Team

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