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Curry Favour- ? No chance....

I ordered a Samsung Chromebook on the 18th Dec, paid for next day delivery . It is now the 24th December , Currys courier company DPD are an utter disgrace and do Currys no favours at all . The Currys brand is now toxic in my opinion, they cannot be regarded as a trusted online retailer In part because they use DPD.

I received a call from a very helpful Vicky in Sheffield who seems scared to tell me DPD had lost the parcel, judging from the hundred of negative online comments , lost could equally mean stolen .....I cannot get a refund until the 'lost item team investigates' investigate what, I am £270 out of pocket, it is lost and I am a victim. Apparently they will call in the new year to chat to me about this, I can assure them It will be a very brief chat , following which I WILL have my £270 back.....

the chromebook was the major Christmas present for a young person who will now be very upset, I can assure Currys that this young non recipient will also never darken the doors of a curry or PC world store as a result of this sad episode


What does DPD stand for - - Disgraceful Parcel Delivery ?

I ordered a Chromebook from Currys Tuesday 18th Dec. Paid extra for next day delivery. By the way this is the prime Xmas present for a young person.

It's now 9.30 am on the 24th, we have waited in, lost money as a result. We have phoned countless times , waited on the phone - emailed, even managed to talk to Currys after a struggle - who say a refund could take 7 days and which becomes active when the parcel is received by them back at their depot- Jesus Christ !, if they can't delivery it to me how confident can I be they'll even get it back.

the whole episode demonstrates the contempt in which DPD views it's customers and has also caused my to conclude that Currys cannot be regarded as a trusted online retailer. We will never purchase anything else from Currys and will ensure , if we ever buy online again to double check if DPD are involved - if they are I will hit the quit button with renewed vigour . I see DPD have a PR company , I wonder what their brief is and what advice DPD are given - may I suggest the start point- don't make promises you KNOW you cannot keep and DO NOT hide from paying customers .Just looking at December complaints against these Cowboys- it is hard to imagine, if people refused to be associated with any DPD deliveries how they can ultimately survive- anyone up for a ' lets close DPD down action group??'

Stop Press
Just got a call from Currys who managed to get thru the DPD 'no customers please' force field- my parcel is ' lost' - i can't get my money back until the lost parcel team have investigated , doubtless to find.... wait for it ... it is Lost

24 December 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi David,

I'm extremely sorry to hear of the issues you have encountered with your delivery on this occasion and apologise for the inconvenience caused. I have replied to your email to our socialmedia@dpd.co.uk account and also corresponded with you via Facebook. If there's anything else I can assist you with please don't hesitate to email me.

Kind regards,


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