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Brilliant. Great website, superb products, amazing value.

Delighted to receive an item (replacement cleaner head for my very expensive Dyson cleaner) that worked as described, received it quickly, and at a terrific price. Whoopee!


Good products but appalling customer retention techniques

Received an email offering chocolates at 'greatly reduced price'; ordered a box. Received a second email soon after, with the same offer; ordered a box. Both arrived, excellent chocolates, but not to my taste and I then cancelled the account on line. I had an acknowedgement from them, confirming I would receive no more debits and no more chocolates.
Then noticed that only a few days later a THIRD debit was on my account, this time for the full price of £19.95. Ever since have been emailing, trying to telephone (no-one answers), finally getting very offhand responses saying it is my fault there were two accounts (does no-one check, when they receive a new customer?), that I am committed not only to a December box but also one at end January.
They debited my account on 14th December; no third box has been received; they will not refund me, nor get properly in touch (apart from automated responses). I am an exceedingly good, happy customer when treated properly, but this company and it's attitude is appaling. I've taken it up with my Bank, and also written to someone who I thought might care (a taste tester) at Cocoa Boutique. No-one answers, just the automated system. It is their error, to have opened two (identical in every way) accounts; they should be more aware and responsive of their market-flooding email techniques and possible consequences. Now, they should 1) completely refund my £19.95. 2) confirm again they have removed my bank details (I thought I was just paying for the one box, each time) and 3), an apology would be nice. If their long-delayed chocolates do ever turn up - which I hope not, since they're too late to be a Christmas present, and I would not pay £19.95 for half a pound of sugar for myself - they should send me a FREEPOST label. But I'm no holding my breath, since no-one there seems to care at all.
Prospective customers ... get yourself of to Le Club Chocolat, they really care about customers, answer them, allow returns, and generally know about customer care.
Boo sucks, at this happy Christmas time!!!!

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