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Appalling Service, Total Apathy

Parcelforce International were entrusted with picking up important documents in UK for courier to Spain on 16/11/11 (yes, over a month ago...). Incredibly the documents have still not been delivered and "the claim" with Parcel2Go has been left unaswered for over 2 weeks now with "awaiting reply from courier".
Neither of these companies (Parcel2Go/Parcelforce) could find their own backsides with both hands - DO NOT ENTRUST THEM WITH ANYTHING YOU CAN´T AFFORD TO BE LOST.
It is absolutely stunning in th 21st Century that any courier can "lose" something with all the tracking in place - perhaps it fell off a lorry or an employee ate it. There is absolutley no excuse for losing a single delivery unless there is incompetance or negligence/mutilation on the part of an employee. I have had 20 deliveries from Amazon UK to Spain delivered faultlessly in the past year with not a single consignment lost and always within 4 working days - and it´s free!
This sort of service/incompetance has no place in the modern world - it would have been quicker for me to have someone walk here with it from UK. I cannot express how bad these two companies are - avoid them at all costs...
PS Parcel2go only list "positive reviews" on their website, how pompous is that?

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