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Full of people who want to swap but don't the next day Time wasters

It's Full of people who state they want to swap they accept the swap and The next day they hardly reply back. i really don't understand these idiots,

I have 58 feedbacks 5 stars been on swapz for 5 years, and every Time a zero swapper comes along they want me to send first same old morons they haven't even got a History on swapz nothing. makes me wonder if they are little kids but just complete Time wasters.

swapz is a good site but let down by the people who use it, you need to weed out whos genuine and who's a complete bogus tool, go on swapz join them and find out

if you post iphone 5s and get replies believe me most of them will be 300 miles away asking you to send first without no feedback they will moan about being scammed CLASSIC,


Useless Data packages for extreme High price Money, Dongles useless please don't release 5G yet

Basically I Bought one of those Dongles from EE for £70 and The data went within 1 hour, it was useless, I don't see the point it's 38 to 60mbs, and Goes straight away, 4G uses extreme amount of Data but it seems EE gives very little Data, the plans useless. and when they was first released it made me LAUGH little data extreme monthly FEE no good at all


it was the same thing happen in 2003 from three couldn't give 3g properly charged a fortune but couldn't pull the service but now the 3 network is getting better hopefully they can give what the customer deserves

please don't you dare release 5G it won't even make the first hurdle LOL. just imagine having 5G 100mbs to 150, omg NO POINT AT ALL

Yet another load of rubbish from another New so called network from T-Mobile and orange they need to give proper data allowances not 2gb rubbish it doesn't Fit nothing


It's full of liars, people who Time waste and don't want a Date, Bogus women

Seriously watch out for Attention seekers, But now they changed the site trying to Get Rid of the Filthy dirty men who want Hook ups one Night stands. Risky and dangerous individuals. Marcus is trying he's Best to get Rid of these fools that make the site worst and women now don't hardly reply back because of the Floods of messages from freaks,.

I've come across many women who don't get back to me it's become often now they don't want to communicate like they use to, it's all short messages and VANISH it's become childish now

If you find someone whos ugly doesn't complain loves you for who you are, and loves cares, doesn't want Money all the Time, please stick with this person you probably won't find that person ever again unless you want no reply's

I've had many women who lied they turn up over Weight, dodgy looking face, smells, stuck up women no sense of Humor, horrible personality silly childish acts,

And please watch out for people who send messages for a laugh they have to intentions of meeting up they are morons just watch out

It can make you ill,don't take the site to seriously most women ignore you because the competition is Huge on POF many sex Freaks using pof Flood the womens inboxes with sexual desires,

Don't go rushing in to meeting someone you'll probably be stood up at a place and the person doesn't turn up that's The problem you'll be made a Fool please get to know that person first don't go meeting for Sex it won't lead you no where

Yes you need to be very careful of idiots who want to waste your Time, no one Reads profiles, most of the professional looking photos are Baiting profiles Fake,


Ebay isn't so Bad, ''BUT when a Bad Buyer comes along you're screwed'' and the Fees

A lot of people love Ebay and i don't Blame them, it's got everything on Ebay, The trouble is we have Dishonest people who abuse the ''Buyer-protection'' paypal is to blame too they are Terrible at protecting the Sellers.they will limit you're account forever and can't be disputed if a dishonest Buyer complains about a very expensive item for example $1000 laptop you're in limbo and they state it's different if not empty Box..... PLEASE REMOVE YOU'RE FUNDS STRAIGHT AWAY BEFORE PAYPAL DOES!!.

Ebay kept Holding my funds at first what a nightmare never again

If you're a small seller and selling expensive items DON'T, start off with $5 items if not smaller, because it's risky to many dodgy people. and don't expect ebay support to help they are terrible same goes to paypal they need to weed out the dodgy people and look at what ebay use to be,

Ebay isn't Ebay anymore it's like a retail store, my opinion 89% of the Goods brought from ebay is New not second hand now all stock photos, i remember when people put loft and attic items on auction you don't hardly see that anymore it's a different place, and what makes me angry they shove a women in the front of the ebay home page with her arms crossed saying ''you're in safe hands when you shop on ebay'' and that's when the dishonest Buyers abuse the system ebay protects the buyers not the sellers,


I wanted to Buy something for £1700 couldn't send paypal made it hard for me

I wanted to Buy something from a Ebay, and it wasn't easy because of stupid paypal, The seller was Nice and Told me if i wanted it cheaper would have to be without the Fees From ebay so he sent me a Money request for £1800 and i really wanted The item took me ages to find the watch i wanted

Please be Warned don't send Money your money and account will be suspended put on hold they the paypal computer is very random don't sell expensive items DON'T it's got so many loop holes just watch out any filthy person can rule

Paypal treats you like a child at school the customer service sucks so Badly.

So I'm left thinking whats happen, i thought paypal was meant for Buyers and sellers to exchange money easy, but its seems NOT its so risky to use paypal it's unreal.

So yeah paypal limited the sellers account thanks a lot paypal you horrible people, the seller had 32 feed backs but was all fine 100% he sold expensive items in the past and Buyers was very happy so now he's account is in Limbo because of me apparently never again will i trade with paypal disgusting revolting people,

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