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Unreasonable cancellation policy, brutally enforced.

I recently made a booking through ebookers which I was forced to cancel.

Ebookers do not use a cancellation policy that allows 24hr but rather work on a calendar day (GMT). I made a booking late one evening and attempted to cancel it within a few hours however as it had changed to the next day I was no longer able to cancel without penalty.

I lost a substantial amount of money because ebookers strictly enforce this policy instead of the customary 24hr cooling off period offered by most similar sites.

Discussions with the telephone operator where cold and abrupt, bordering on rude.

It makes no sense to penalise someone for the time of day they chose to make a booking. This policy unjust and should be reviewed.

I look forward to hearing ebookers reply.


27 December 2012

Reply from

Dear Mr Beckett,

Its actually only possible to void tickets on the day of issue not within a 24 hour window as you suggest and this is provided purely as a courtesy where we are able to assist.

The airline cancellation conditions presented to you for review at the point of sale are applicable from the time you submit the booking for processing.

Unfortunately as you elected to cancel the reservation 9 hours after making the booking and this was the next day the airline charge for the cancellation and as an agent we are unable to waive this fee.

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