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Defective product - Horrible French customer service

I ordered a clutch on their French website and the item I received was completely defective. The clasp was not straight at all so I returned it and asked for a new one. After waiting many weeks to hear back from them as they could not tell me in which store the item was available, they sent a month later a new clutch that was as defective as the last one! They did not even check the quality of the product before sending me exactly the same one. The item was returned again and they just told me I can't get another one as it's all they have! If I knew it would be such a waste of time and that I would be treated so badly by the customer service all along the process, I would have never bothered to order anything from their French store.


Worse Agency ever - rude, liars, unprofessional

I dealt with many letting agencies in London and the KFH in Wimbledon has the worse staff ever, if you go there don't ever ask for Tammy.

They rented me a house where I did not have hot water for 10 days. There was no way to contact the landlord and no way to even hear back from the agent.
From the beginning, the agent was not replying to any of my emails or returning any of my calls regarding some very important issues I had with the apartment.

They lied about my electricity bills as well. When I received the bills I was shocked, the power supplier's estimated prices were 3 times higher than what the agency had told me! I cannot afford that and would never have moved to this flat if they had told me the truth about the electricity bills! This is not even over yet, and I am willing to take some legal action against them.


Stole my wallet - Argos Wimbledon

Don't ever go to the argos store in wimbledon. I got my wallet stolen there probably by one of the workers as I left it on the counter. When I realized I lost it, I came back to the and ask if they had seen it or if they could check their CCTV.

They really didn't care about my stolen wallet. None of them wanted to help, they just kept on ignoring me. After 30 minutes I finally managed to talk to the Manager who didn't care about that either and kept on dealing with customers at the same time I was talking to him. He did not want to check the CCTV, as he said "the wallet is too small to be visible in the camera, only the cash at the counter is visible". Well, my wallet left at the counter is bigger than the cash so how can it not be seen?

I am sure one of their staff did steal the wallet. The police came over after I reported the crime, and took their CCTV. Guess what? The camera on the counter was not working! They made sure that nobody will find out they stole my wallet.

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