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Very disapointed.

Well all I can say that I am very disapointed with the result of using "Secure" Denture Adhesive. (Waterproof). There must be a mistake in what you send me, beccause I used it stricktly following the instructions, and now after using it for a few days it is always the same. Halfway through a meal my bottom dentures are lose and all the cream has desolved in the dentures and on the gums. (Not waterproof)

All I can say is that the service of "secure" is very good and one must admirer that after i had written about my disapointment with the adhesive, "Secure" send me a sampel of the Secure dental cushoins to try for free and I must report that for the first time since I had my bottom teeth removed I felt comfortable for the whole day.
Thank you very much Secure. H D Nass

07 January 2013

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This is a most unusual response, as you will see from the large number of endorsements on the site most users find SECURE to be highly effective. Given that the problem appears to be with you lower denture I am going to send you some SECURE Cushions to try....perhaps you'll let us know how you get on.



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