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Avoid these rogues, save your sanity and take your loyalty elsewhere.

I agree with those of you that have experienced degrading service from these bandits, who in my opinion are as rotten as hell and should be banned from operating in the UK. Though I have been with Orange since 2006, it would seem the company now lacks integrity, on a rapid downward spiral as it now consistently hires customer-loathing people in the world (the most inept individuals you could find that also have never heard of the world empathy) to manage their public gateway, and treats its long suffering customers with no respect. Pardon any superfluous, I am a seasoned traveller so will not succumb to errors of the genesis ( I know how to apply my phone settings whenever I leave the UK on trips abroad). Despite buying two correct bundles for my vacation in North America and using Wifi for the greater part of my duration of 7 days, I still got landed with a £1,300 bill including £70 cost of bundles that were not even applied. These jokers also managed to delete the text message that confirmed my data usage as soon as soon as I referred to the text which was going to be my evidence to support my within data usage limit All I get are threats to pay up on the huge bill which no one in Orange can explain or wishes to discuss. By the way, though I have paid for the current period, they have also restricted my access to the disputed bill now so even more evident that these bullies know what they are doing. What is really strange is that the bill is obviously wrong on this occasion, seeming nothing has changed as per vacation destination and usage-wise so not sure why these thieves can't review the bill and admit their error. The good thing is that I have evidence of all the credit notes applied to each of the erroneous bills sent to me in the past. Trying to resolve this issue since January has been a joke and Chief Executive has read but chosen to ignore the email sent to him... (Now you understand why its CustomerService Desk sucks). Needless to say, I have requested for my PAC and I shall be raising counter claims to the county court with respect of this fake unexplainable bill. Perhaps, they would be able to explain to the judge instead and who hopefully would ask these rogues about their knowledge and understanding of Sales &Supply of Goods Act and Wednesbury's reasonableness. I am definitely not giving up the fight without reporting to these bandits to OFCOM!
Correction- Star rating should be nil.


No customer service... You are on your own when vendor messes up the deal!

It's actually embarassing that Wowcher customers have to post on here before Wowcher takes their complaints seriously. What an incredilous manner of doing business. I actually bought vouchers for a spa treatment to be provided by one of its merchant -Blue Eye Osteopathy and Massage. Trying to reach the vendor has been like chasing a mouse in its hole; phone perpetually on voicemail, you send text messages but no acknowledgement to any of my messages. I Tried emailing and asking for a response/reply/acknowledgement of proposed appointment but no official or written contact from this vendor, despite speaking with the owner twice did not for once stated it was against their policy to confirm any proposed appointment in writing. What's a customer to do in this case, when you are in limbo.... not sure if proposed date has been accepted by vendor since they are refusing to acknowledge any written communication?The most infuriating of it all is that the cheating vendor has now redeemed the vouchers even though it has not provided an appointment date. It promises to text you or reply to emails but never does and gives excuses about their text replies falling into thin air in this day and age. It's text messages have not been delivered (over 5 day now) and my spam or junk box can not find any mails from the vendor. How is a person to trust such vendor which customer service should be of the highest priority considering it is in the personal care industry. Seems unprofessional and in the least, more like a scam to me. Avoid any deals from this vendor if you can. I have reported the vendor to Wowcher and requested for refund since vendor has refused to serve me but Wowcher did not even acknowledge let alone reply to my complaint .... I guess they are too busy like million other people in the world or perhaps got too many customers to cater for so abandoning those that have been loyal to them all the while.... so I guess my days of being customer is over. As disappointed I am, I shall send a reminder to Wowcher and I won't shy away from using the UK small claim courts to ensure I get my full refund.

27 December 2012

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Good Evening,

We are very sorry to hear that you have been unable to contact the merchant in order to redeem your wowcher.

We aim to respond to all emails within three working days, if you have not received a reply within this time it is likely your email was not received. Can you please resend this to with TRUSTPILOT in the subject and we will look into this for you.

Kind Regards


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