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DFDS Seaways

Good value for money, good service and facilities but should have more rewards for regular travellers.

We travel with DFDS on our frequent trips to and from Maastricht in the Netherlands and have been for many years now since the company was Norfolkline. However we find it unfortunate that DFDS fail to offer your regular customers incentives, special frequent traveller discounts or rewards. Therefore we do occasionally shop around and choose to travel with other companies if there is a significant price different.

Secondly, now we have two small children (6mths & 2yrs) we do notice how difficult it is for us to get back to our car when the boat arrives in the port. We find ourselves having to josstle and compete with the crowds and with two small children this is very difficult and often dangerous. It is important we are able to get back to the car quickly as we usually have the pushchair and other baby items to get in. I think you should ask passengers with children and babies or with disabilities to go to their vehicles first and then ask other passengers in a second call. We also find ourselves having to wait a very long time for the elevator with the pushchair as it's always occupied by truck drivers. In the past we have waited 10-15 mins!! by the elevator, on several occasions and have had to really rush to get back to the car, and everything/one packed & seated in time for departure.

The door to the baby changing room\disabled toilets does not lock which makes it rather tricky when your changing your baby or using the toilet only for the door to be continuously opening. I think the refurbishment in the ladies toilets, with communal sinks and dyson hand dryers to be very good. You should have these in the baby changing room also. And include paper towels for putting onto the baby changing table.

The food in the main restaurant we always find to be quite expensive. Some cheaper options would encourage us to eat there more often.

It's a shame you have removed the large TV by the bar. It would be nice to have larger TV screens in more locations. We often sit at the round tables in the family area by the soft play zone. And it would be nice to have larger TV screens with the volume 'slightly' higher so we could hear what was on.

Other than the above suggestions, we are generally pleased with our experience with DFDS and have recommended it to many friends and family who travel to and from mainland Europe. We think the layout and facilities are very good.

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