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Absolutely CRAP

So I bought something that both my children specifically asked for (the ATM machine)< I got a confirmation email with the heading (this is a copy)


Dear Andrew Bermejo,
Thank you for your order, placed on 19th December 2012 15:49:18. We have received payment and will notify you when your order has been despatched.

Order Number: MK342725

Order Status: Payment Failed
Your payment has failed. Please contact us for further information or to advise us of new payment details.
Payment Method: Credit or Debit Card
Delivery Method: Std Delivery £3.25 - FREE over £50 (will arrive after xmas)


Given that most of us don't have time to read all emails that are sent, I thought the heading: ORDER CONFIRMATION would be sufficient PLUS the next sentence: "We have received payment and to top it all an Order Number" I don't want to be unfair here but when you read those 3 facts, any reasonable person would assume the order was safely placed and we just wait for the goods to arrive.

When the goods did not arrive on the 24th I made enquiries; Customer Service was closed, still your sales department was open (I can see where your priorities lie!) when I went back to the email, I notices that in the 6th line of the email there was:

Order Status: Payment Failed!

So my boys did not get what they specifically asked for, so I can safely say that I won't be using the site again, and nor will I be recommending it to anyone, better still, I will make a point of ensuring I tell this little story as a case of Hopeless customer service and a company that has not really thought through it's process and probably does not really care! I will use it in case studies during my training sessions, write something on Facebook & twitter, you know the usual sites to warn individuals about companies like yours.

Now then, how easy would it have been to send an email WARNING that payment had not been received and hence to call or make another purchase using a different credit card! After all I purchased this on the 19th December. Do you not have a system that tells you the customer (yes, me, the person who pays to buy goods from you) that his/her payment still has not got through, or better still get someone to call?

What I find even more remarkable and totally hopeless is that you have sent me this email for my opinion, clearly stating that I "recently purchased something from you" when in fact I have not, as I have tried to explain before.

Go on, I dare you to do something positive about this email, not because I want something free from you, to be honest my 2 boys got obscene amount sof presents so it more than made up for it, but one day this will happen to someone whose day will be spoilt by your careless process! I look forward to hearing from someone to tell me that yes, you did mess up, but it's ok, you are changing the way you work.

Happy for you to contact me directly on:

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10 January 2013

Reply from Menkind

Dear Andrew

Please accept our apologies for your bad shopping experience when trying to purchase from the web store and the subsequent misleading emails received.

We understand that this is thoroughly unacceptable, particularly when one expects internet transactions to run smoothly at all times. The fact it occurred during the lead up towards Christmas and at a very busy time is one of profound concern.

This was however an isolated incident which we are in fact investigating with our development team. Menkind will also be reviewing several processes involving regarding the dispatch of acknowledgement emails.

Thanks for your feedback and again please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards

The Menkind Team

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