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What assurances?

I purchased a ticket for Neil Young through Viagogo for around £60 over the face value price of one available through The Ticket Factory. I received an E-ticket after my purchase which had the name of another individual on it, presumably the person who bought it originally. My concern is: that what stops this ticket being used twice, by the original ticket purchaser and then myself when I turn up at the door. By my reckoning it will be the first person to the door who will get in! If they scan his ticket first, then I am left outside having paid over the odds for a ticket that is still in circulation with the original purchaser. What can/has Viagogo do to stop this, or this purely a further risk that I take?

I have contacted the company and they assure me that this ticket is not a fraud, but that isn't my primary concern. People here have mentioned often that they get tickets and they're real, so I am more concerned by my above issue.

One assumes that the original purchaser still has the e-ticket in his email in box and can print it and use it at the venue. How does Viagogo stop this happening when they buy the ticket for re-selling? Thoughts?

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