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They wipe the floor with the opposition

What more could one ask. Two minutes of time to order,very reasonable cost, sit and wait for less than 48 hours and 'Ronseal' its at the door. What wonderful service. Thank you.

UK Mail

Delivery person with a sense of humour and initiative. Thank you.

As I have a 10 year old son who has brittle bone disease and who has been in plaster since Nov 2010 having broken his leg four times life gets very complicated sometimes and with over 200 hundred Hospital visits I think that it is very useful to find someone who does use their initiative which makes life a lot easier for me and I thank that person.

The Light Bulb Company (UK)

A bright light in a dismal World

I know that when I really need help and a little light, or even a big one, I can rely on good old LBC to deliver the goods. If only everything in life were so simple. Thank you.DFL


What else can I say but 'Ronseal.' except there was no tin!!! Thankyou.

My kids call me a dinosaur because I have never sent a text and never received one. As an OAP not like;ly to change to finding fastlec, the goods I wanted without any hassle or arguement, just efficiency what else could one want. Delivered to the door no need to fight with traffic, find parking, walk with an 11 and 9 year old with brittle bone disease, just sit back and wait for less than I expected. Seems lazy but sometimes internet shopping in an answer. Thank you for the experience.

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