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HORRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My boyfriend went to the trouble to buy me a telescope as my Christmas present, Much to my excitement I opened it and was so happy only to find that when iIopened the main packaging the smaller boxes in side with all the separate parts looked like they had been opened already and alot of the parts were missing, there was none of the lenses, no erecting eyepiece, no 3x Barlow, no moon filter and no electronic red dot finder, which basically meant that it was unusable,
The next day I took the telescope and the receipt back to the Eastbourne store and approached one of there sales assistants and explained that alot of the parts were missing and I must say he was to be honest really unpleasant, he treated me like an inconvenience, in a strop he carried the box to the till and asked one of the other sales assistants what to do and they said they didn't have the missing parts so ended up having to give me the parts from the one other telescope they had left in stock, the salesman went to get the accessories that iI needed from the back of the store and I asked him nicely if I could just check all the parts were there, in an attitude he empted the box so I could see and the red dot finder was not there so he ended having to give me the one off the display which I wasn't entirely happy with but I took it anyway, I think this was totally unprofessional, His badge said expert salesman when i should have said grumpiest salesman, he made me feel very small and didn't seem to give a dam , and not once did he apologies to me, i don't think anyone should be treated like that least of all a perfectly friendly customer in a shop,
I will not be going to jessops ever again until they employ some staff that treat there customers with a little more grace and respect , and to be honest a hell of alot more people think the same . I hate jessops !!!!!! beware of the bald guy in the eastbourne branch hes a very nasty person !!!!!!!

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Eastbourne, United Kingdom