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ARGOS prices on same items dont match

On 12th december 2012 went to buy a hitatchi 46" lcd for my partner who.has poor eyesight .. Item number 747/1003 price was £329 .. Same item was shown for collection same price £329... Tried to check out price had risen to £699 yes 370 quid more .... (origonal price when item 1st introduced in 2010 was only £549)
Printed out comparison page wich still.showed £329 for both items took it to an argos extra.. They cinfirmed price was £699 and had been changed online on the 11/12/2012.... Although showing as £329 on the 12th.... And their stock room had it listed as £329 down from 379 ..50 quid off... (note same item for store collection had no discount but was still 329)
Then as of 24december 2012 price is magically £349.... Down from (origonal price of £379... If this is origonal price why was it £699 for nearly two weeks) doesnt make sence

So had a look at a few others another hitatchi this time a 46" LED (home delivery price £399.... Identical item for store collection £499) so if they can try charge 700 for a tv using lcd ccfl wich is an older technolidgy how can they warrant selling a newer LED with similar specification for less in the nearly two week window from 12th dec to 24th ... Blatant price fixing and as usual the store collection items were "out of stock" for many stores accross the uk as i checked!

And before anyone says yes i know hitatchi isn't a great brand , but my partner just needs a large screen with basic functions without 3D , internet ect
And not willing to pay panasonic /toshiba premiums ...forget samsung as they have deals with retailers to over promote and demonstrate their tv's in a better light (samsung are displayed using hd sources..better brands are displayed using SD sources to.make samsung look better)

So in a nutshell avoid argos ...right shower of con artists ... Overpricing , price fixing inferior products ...and thinking no one would notice ....

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