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I have had a "sorry I missed you card" left in my mailbox by a Hermes Courier and after eventually getting through to someone in an online chat on MyHermes customer service they tell me the item is sent by DPD WEB.
On the sorry I missed you card the courier has ticked the box indicating the parcel was left on my "secure front porch". There is no parcel anywhere. I do not have a secure front porch! The only number on the card comes up with an error on the Hermes.co.uk website so I can't track the item at all. There is no date/time/name of courier/contact details/ no parcel number. Hermes say it's not their responsibility yet their company name is at the top of the sorry I missed you card!

Gil-lec Electrical Wholesalers

Quick & Efficient

We ordered online and received it the next day. Quick & Efficient!



I placed an order but called first to find out was the item actually in stock (I've been caught out with this company before taking orders on items that actually aren't in stock). I was told it was in stock so I placed my order by telephone. As there was no email notification of an order having been placed, I called the next working day later to check and was told my order was in the system. As I needed the item by a certain time and have waited up to 3 weeks in the past with this company (in one instance the item wasn't in stock and I was never advised and when I called to inquire what had happened that's when I was advised it wasn't available) I called again to check it had been dispatched. I was told yes it had been dispatched from Germany and all was ok. Then a day or so later I received a letter stating payment hadn't gone through on my cc so I called again and was told it had indeed gone through the letter was a cross-over and I should disregard it. That I would get the item in 1-2 days. 2 days later I received a phone call that the order payment had not gone through and the item had not been dispatched. Then overnight I saw a payment had been made against my card. I called again and was told the item would be dispatched. But the item was charged at the normal retail rate and the day my payment went through the item was on sale! I called to request refund of the difference. They said they would - I have to check. Unfortunately I now have a swimsuit coming to me which I will not get to use as I depart for my vacation before it will arrive. And as I will not be home to take receipt who knows what I have to do to trace the item when I return. The products are good quality but the shipping time and the mess around with their ordering system and the delay by this company in following up with a customer to advise on problems - if at all - means it's just not worth ordering from them unless you have infinite patience and time. And why does it take 7-10 working days to get an item from Germany to the UK?!

Watersports Warehouse

Good Selection and Quick Delivery

There is an extensive selection of stock to choose on the website.
I recently placed 2 orders on different days. The items were delivered to me in the UK within 2 days, wrapped for shipping and with no damages.

David Shuttle

Excellent service. On time delivery.

It was very late Thursday afternoon and I had just dropped a cabinet shelf, shattering much of my glassware and had guests coming for lunch the following Saturday - before Christmas. I went online and found the David Shuttle store sold my glassware. I called to place an order just as their trading day was coming to an end. I asked if they really could fulfil my order, the lovely sounding lady taking my order checked with their warehouse and call me back to confirm they did in fact have all my items in stock. I then asked could I have confirmed delivery for Saturday morning, the David Shuttle rep. confirmed with DHL and called me back. The delivery arrived Saturday morning before my guests. Very good service. On time delivery.

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