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Ordered on 4th for delivery on 14th, told no problem. No delivery on 14th, aparently van broke down - I was at the delivery address but they phoned my work number instead of my mobile to let me know it wasn't arriving. An e-mail hasd been sent advising order would be split and boiler would be despateched 17th. New delivery date of 17th for first part of order and 18th for boiler. So I have to take 3 days off for a delivery that I was told would be there on 14th. First half of delivery arrives on 17th but no boiler on 18th. Attempted delivery was made on 19th but no-one told me so I asked for it to be delivered to my in-laws instead th efollowing day. No delivery to in-laws, it was delivered to original delivery address and left out in the rain in the middle of nowhere! Funnily enough, it went missing (as it turned out the estate had taken it for safe keepeing as there had been a spate of thefts in the area).

Additionally, there was a problem with my initial payment with paypal so I paid over the phone and then paypal paid them as well. Despite numerous phone calls to chase them it took 2 weeks to get my money back from them.

Throughout this, the communications from Plumb Nation have been extremely poor with routine apologies and absolutely no offer of compensation for the 2 extra days that I have had to take off work for this delivery to be made as well as the hassle and hours I have had to spend on the phone to get this sorted (average wait to get an answer on their customer service line was 20 minutes). During one call I made at 20 to 5 in the evening I was on hold until 5 pm when the line was cut off!

They might be cheap but next time I will go somewhere else where I know I will get what I ordered on the date they say they will deliver.

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