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Ted Baker

Incredibly bad treatment!

For Christmas my mum and I brought my partner 2 Ted Baker Shirts. Unfortunately they are the incorrect size. On purchasing the shirts we specifically asked their exchange policy and they said we can exchange them ANYtime.
Yesterday (boxing day) I went to exchange the shirts, and was told that I was not allowed to due to some rule that they do not exchange on boxing day or the first 3 days of Sale (which was not explained to us). So I cannot exchange until Saturday. One of the shirts are for an occasion before this.
I tried to speak to the manager, and she just shouted over me (though I was not being aggressive towards her). I then asked if they could at least hold the two shirts I want to exchange in the correct size for me, and they would not do that. They told me I can buy them, but then I would not get a refund on my first two, therefore I would effectively pay for them twice.
I was very upset with the treatment, and thought it was very unfair of them to offer NO help or alternative solutions.

The manager then told me to hang on whilst she went into the office, I thought she was going in to try and help in some way, in fact no, she called the Cabots Circus (bristol shopping centre) security on me and had me escorted out the door and followed down the street! I literally could not believe it, I have never been so insulted by a shop or felt so intimidated!
I am now trying to call Customer Services to report this, but from reading the blogs below, I hold little hope of getting through.

I will never EVER buy from Ted Baker again. The most terrible treatment I have ever had!

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