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Not to be trusted

I placed my order of the 11th December 2012. Not a Christmas present so I was not in a hurry but had no delivery or notification by the 18th so contacted their customer services. A man purporting to be [Name removed] insisted the package was out with Hermes-Europe couriers but they had no tracking number because 'apparently' has an arrangement whereby they have a trackingless contract with Hermes-Europe...
[Name removed] said he would make enquiries and get back to me which he did in the afternoon and said the package was with the courier and it would be delivered within the next 24 hour but to contact him if I did not get it by noon the following day and he would then send me another order by Post Office Express delivery. Clearly I did not get it, but having been assured, I gave them a further day. Nothing turned up so I called the local Hermes-Europe depot and they insisted there were no such thing as a trackingless service by their organisation. I called [Name removed] again and he gave me a load of baloney and excuses but he said he would 're-send' the order via Post Office Express that day so I would have my order by the following day.
Guess what? Nothing came. And guess what’s more, their company is closed down apparently until the 2nd January.

Update, 2nd January 2013

In response to this original review I was contacted on 28th December by a very excitable young woman [Name removed] who spent a lot of time talking over me. She was unable to convince me that my order had been dispatched or indeed to trace it herself. She said that Hermes-Europe were lying and did do trackingless delivery and that my order was in their system. She then offered me a substantial upgrade of my original order but I did not want it as the upgrade had none of the features that I needed. She then organised a 'second' package to be dispatched that evening via City Link courier for priority next day delivery and would forward to me the tracking information immediately. Unfortunately the tracking information did not get sent to me until the afternoon of the following day by which time the courier had tried to deliver the package in the wrong part of town because the package had been given the wrong postcode....

Had I had the 'promised' tracking notice on the morning of the 29th I would have been able to redirect the parcel for delivery that day. It took me the best part of an hour on the phone to City Link to get the delivery postcode changed to the correct one. The weekend prevented any further delivery possibilities until the 31st when City Link claim to have attempted delivery in the morning and "left a card" but this seems unlikely as there was no card and I never left the building...! After spending another half hour on the phone to City Link the package arrived this morning (2nd January) shortly before 10:00am. The goods are correct. The postcode on the delivery label is incorrect and thus the fault of Justbeautifully.

All in all a huge waste of my time, at least three and possibly four hours on the telephone, not so much as a simple apology from the company. How an organisation like this stays in business, I do not know. Lesson learned, spend a few pounds extra and buy from online stores you know and trust.

Further update 2nd January.

Shortly after posting the above update, I received a call from [Name removed] (not her real name) to confirm the delivery was made. I told her I was not happy with the overall service I had received and that I had had to reorganise the couriers myself. She launched into a series of verbal abuses at which point I hung up.

A few minutes later I was called a by a man purporting to be [Name removed] of Justbeautifully who told me he had been fired by the company and it was my fault. He then started making some rather alarming threats at which point I hung up. He called back a few minutes later and immediately started haranguing me. I told him I did not believe his dismissal was anything to do with me and warned him that I would report him to his company at the earliest opportunity and hung up on him screaming abuse down to phone at me.

I am not sure that this was the [Name removed] of justbeatifully and the caller had masked the number he had called from. Make what you will of this. The police will be informed after I have spoken to a company representative.

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27 December 2012

Reply from

Hi Anothony,

No we are not closed until the 2nd January, our customer services phone support is - emails are being answered as usual as are parcels being dispatched. If you could kindly provide us with your order number we will be able to look into this and will post relevant information from the courier.

Kind Regards,


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