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As the owner i think it's great

We strive towards great customer service, and as a UK based company, we are here to listen to your comments and improve wherever necessary


Same as iflorist

This is the same company as iflorist, please read their reviews first before buying


No delivery, dissapointed wife, ruined christmas!

I ordered a bouquet of flowers on the 11th of December in order to receive them on the 24th of December as a gift to my wife. On the 24th we made sure that someone was in the house at all times and also mentioned to my neighbors to watch out in case we didn't see them being delivered.
The bouquet never arrived, they were supposed to be delivered via Yodel, and i received an email stating that they had been delivered, it also stated they had been left safe (strange as i was at home), so i ran around my house looking for them but found nothing, i then spent about an hour knocking on neighbours doors trying to find if they had been delivered to the wrong address, but noone had received the delivery.
As they were closed on the 25th and 26th i proceeded to contact Yodel to follow my delivery who stated that they had been left in the front porch....... I do not have a front porch? I then contacted iflorist who can only be contacted via live chat on their website and they take about 5 mins to answer any 1 line of questioning or response, very slow.... all i was told is that they will investigate. So now i have a very unhappy wife who thinks i forgot about her flowers for Christmas and no response as to when or if they will be delivered

Update 28.12.12 - I emailed Iflorist and chatted to them online on the 27th and still have no response after 48hrs

Update 02.01.13 - i have chatted to iflorist, they have told me to check with neighbours, which i had already done on the 24th and now the flowers were dead, they then gave me a phone number to call: 01282779198

Update 02.01.13 - i have called iflorist, they have told me they will be getting the flowers redelivered on the Friday 4th of January so they will be delayed by a total of 11 days late, i also asked if they were going to do anything else, and the answer was a simple: "no, company policy states that all we can do is have the flowers redlivered"

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03 January 2013

Reply from iflorist

Dear Scott

Please accept our sincere apologies for all the problems you had regarding this order. We sincerely apologise for the late arrival of your gift and having to ruin such a thoughtful surprise. Please be assured we will be investigating these issues thoroughly and we will make sure your bouquet gets delivered on Friday 4th January. As a means of apology from Iflorist we would like to offer you a complimentary bouquet to be sent to a recipient of your choice. We hope this is satisfactory as we do not wish to lose your valued custom, I will e-mail you personally now regarding this matter.

Kind Regards


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