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T Mobile

The 'T' in T-mobile stands for 'Thieving'!

I've been with Tmobile for several years now.Then just over a year ago, they contacted me to tell me that I was due an upgrade on my phone. I said I was happy with my old phone and didn't need a upgrade. So they said that they would reduce my contract payments to £6 a month. That's fine for me. I rarely use the phone but it's handy to have for emergencies. Then a month ago, I got a bill for £20 something quid. I phoned up to ask why and got no real answer. Over the last month I have asked several times for an explanation and nothing was forthcoming. Then they denied I had made any payments, and today, armed with my credit card statement to PROVE I had paid, I phoned up again. This time I was recording the call. I discovered that the last contract for £6 a month had expired in January so they started a new one (without telling me) and increasing the monthly amount to £15 a month (again without telling me). Now, my mobile is rarely used. I NEVER text and use it for a phone call maybe once or twice a month. My old contract was for unlimited texts plus 100 free minutes a month. There is no way I use it all up. They obviously know this, so WHY did they think I needed £15 a month worth of contract? Why did they start a contract without even ASKING me? And just now, when I have asked the young man on the phone to either email me, or send me a letter with PROOF of this contract I supposedly agreed to, he said he cannot send anything. Seems to me that Tmobile can just decide how much money they want from you and make up a contract without letting you know. Thank goodness I had cancelled the direct debit to them after having issues last year! Does the 'T' in T-mobile, stand for 'thieving'?


2 months after signing up I want to kill myself!

mega problems with TalkTalk. I signed up on 27th january, they didn't take any payments by direct debit, and are now saying I owe them over £115! When I signed up, they said I had to pay a £30 connection charge which wasn't mentioned on the website. I paid with my credit card.Just on the phone to them and they state that the direct debit was cancelled on the 3rd of March and they have no record of the credit card payment for the £30 PLUS the first month's internet! I have tried explaining to the Indian call centre woman that not only did I NOT cancel the direct debit days after signing up, but it makes no sense at all to have done so. Her reply is "would you like to set up another direct debit"? I asked her if she can guarantee that I will not end up being billed twice a month and she cannot. Apparently, it is now in their legal department, which again makes no sense at all since nobody has ever contacted me to say that they didn't get their payment In any case, I would hardly join talktalk, set up the account, give them my direct debit details, get a letter confirming the details, then cancel it days later. I have just read out to the woman my marketing details as she claimed that they sent me several letters about the amount owing, it states clearly that I want all correspondence to be via EMAIL. So I asked her why they sent letters? She doesn't know. She doesn't know who cancelled the account. She doesn't know why I wasn't notified of a problem. In the meantime would I like to pay them the £115 please? As I explained. I have a monthly budget. I budgeted for £23 being taken from my account every month. I did NOT budget for £115 and by paying it, it means I will have to do without something if I am not to go overdrawn or be in debt. She kept apologising and saying "ok madam, I understand and apologise that you are unhappy" to which I replied, "you are not sorry at all, stop giving me platitudes and reading from your script. You have no idea how angry I am, you cannot give me any answers as to WHY this happened or as to why I was given someone else's email address at the beginning and was told I had been with them before (I hadn't). So I told her I want to make an official complaint at this utter shambles. She left me waiting on the line for 10 minutes before telling me she couldn't put me through to anyone and did I want to call back. Quite frankly I simply cannot face going over the whole story again tonight and told her to get the complaints department to phone me tomorrow.Seriously you cannot get them to understand when you call. They ask the same questions over and over again and ignore the answers. The way I am feeling right now,I want to cancel them and beggar the year's contract. They have me over a barrel though. They will of course deny responsibility for anything. Deny they made a cuck up and if I cancel now and pay them what I owe them, they will put a black mark against my credit rating. Luckily, whenever I phone them, I record the conversations. Tomorrow I will find the CEO's details and send him an email.
If you are going to go with another ISP for dog's sake, steer clear of talk talk as they will have you confused and demented with their mind games and lies.


Nasty not nice

I have no idea what Thornton's is doing. Many years ago, I would buy myself some chocolates as a treat. I would ask to be bought some for Xmas and birthday as a treat. I don't actually like chocolate, but loved Thornton's.The chocolates themselves were dainty and unusual. The chocolate was thin and crisp and creamy and the centres delicious. I was given a large box this Xmas and they are vile. They are not even as nice as Cadbury's roses. The very fact that a large box can be got in Tesco for as little as £6.99 just tells you how low quality they are now. How I miss the old Thornton's which were an eagerly anticipated treat, something to look forward to. This latest box is the last lot I shall ever be given as I tell family and friends not to bother. They were just so vile that I gave the lot to my pet rats who will eat anything.

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