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As soon as I put my order in i had confirmation sayingit was done. Once the item had been posted i was emailed again with a link to follow my papackage. Even told me the time it was going to turn up and like clock work it turned up. The item was brilliant and I couldn't be happier with the service.

Car Shop

bunch of liars to your face

Very pushy from the start they ask you for money before youve even found a car... we paid 50 pounds to have a car brought down for us to Norwich grand scenic the trade in was very low for mine managed to get them up a bit and the car was due for a service they told us but they wouldn't do it if we bought it we argued this out and in the end as part of the deal they agreed they would do it if we put deposit down... so test drove car and agreed a deal... went to pick up car and asked to see service they lost service book so asked them to find it on computer they retrieved one done by first owner and said the sales guy had said our car had been serviced again as we had requested.... hmmm it turns out they had lied our car had not indeed been serviced at all by them we asked to speak to manager who was a complete arse and gave us a take it or leave it attitude regarding our service he said it had been serviced in nov so he wasnt going to do it again but we pointed out ok about that but your sales guy had lied to our faces and infact had falsely filled out a service card to say it had been serviced to shut us up lies lies lies.... the manger was not interested in solving the matter and was happy to allow us to walk out even though all insurance was swopped over to new car incurring charges by my insurance company he didnt give a shit ....we walked as felt if they could lie about that what else would theylie about so glad I did especially now ive read all these reviews never go to car shop!!!!

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