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Dolphin Music

Dolphinmusic a disaster from the start, should have stuck with DV247

***I do not use facebook so I created a temp account just to post this review if you want proof of my order send me an email***

Review Of Dolphinmusic:

I placed an order with DV247 for a Yamaha fg700ms but I was told that the item was out of stock and I would have to wait 2 weeks for delivery so I decided to cancel. I ordered from dolphinmusic because the item was in stock and I thought it would arrive within 3-4 days.

Here are the list of problems I have had with Dolphinmusic.

1. When I placed my order the amount showed up in euros but It was taken out my account in £. This is not a huge problem but something that needs fixing.

2. I attempted to pay using my paypal acc but the payment was refused twice by paypal? I decided to pay with my debit card and the payment said successful which was fine until I noticed a email receipt from paypal saying I sent a payment?? I paid with my debit card so how did paypal manage to take out the funds from my acc when I never made the payment? I should point out I only got charged once.

3. I emailed dolphin music to ask If my order had been shipped and then 2 days later I get this.

In our bid to reduce fraud on the internet, we have issued new measures of security.
To proceed with your order we will need some extra details from you.

If you are opting for delivery to the same address as your invoice address, please send us something that has your name and address on it from the following:

- A copy of your driving license, OR
- A copy of your social security card, OR
- A copy of your bank statement, OR
- A copy of your council tax bill, OR
- A copy of a recent utility bill.

4. I scan 4 pieces of Id and send them to dolphin music and I get a reply back saying all is ok we will ship your order out today :)

5. According to dolphin music the package was shipped to me on the 24th but after sending several emails to them asking for a tracking No I am yet to receive a reply back. I have checked on the website and my order says direct ship but then when I check the status it says pending so why did they tell me it had shipped?

I would have saved 15 euro and maybe be playing my guitar by now If I kept my order with DV247.
Dolphinmusic has been the worst company I have dealt with in a long time and it looks like I will be waiting another week until I receive my order.


I contacted paypal to file a dispute against dolphinmusic on the 02/01/2013 and I received a reply from them with a tracking number the same day.
It is now the 03/01/2012 and my guitar finally arrived at 4pm this afternoon. If dolphinmusic have been ignoring your emails just file a dispute with paypal and they usually reply the same day.

This will be the last time I use this company it has been a horrible experience from start to finish.

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