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Slow delivery but excellent quality. <Private Data Removed>

Although we live in Spain we still continue to use this company for the basics we don't want to live without. The site is easily navigated and product is of a good quality. The drawback however was the long length of time it took from the order being placed to dispatch, hence the 3 stars. We will use the site again but maybe next time we will order before the holes appear in socks!


Good! Order 1395-8948-7440-1850

I have used this site a few times now for gifts for my wife. No problems with product quality or speed of delivery but postage to Spain cost a quarter of order total, which seems quite high for such a light parcel and this is the sole reason that I did not give this company 5 stars. If the postage costs were reviewed then I would not hesitate to order from here on a more regular basis.


No problems. Order number 88966993

I ordered from this site for my wife on 29th June, the items were dispatched on the 31st June and arrived here soon after with no problems. Yes, the items received were not fantastic quality but they were not bad and what we expected for the money spent. Delivery was free and I have recommended that friends use this site. I do hope though, after reading other reviews that Dorothy Perkins don´t let my friends down.

Love the free delivery. Order ref 921786

Although this site is not the cheapest for products, the fact that delivery is free to mainland Europe is a massive bonus to us. Many companies charge so much for delivery here (Spain) that any savings on products are lost due to the charges. I do not hesitate to recommend this company to any expat who wants to order quality products but not pay ridiculous amounts for postage. The site is easy to negotiate and has the majority of the "big names" available.


Blue is the colour! Order number CFC-19032093

We ordered goods from this site for my Chelsea loving son for his birthday. They arrived here in Spain swiftly and are of an excellent quality. I will be using this site again unless of course my son changes his allegiance!


One word, excellent.

I have used on many occasions and have no hesitation in recommending them. Although we live in Spain, goods have arrived on time and in excellent condition usually through a local courier. Their pricing is always competitive and any problems are always addressed and dealt with swiftly.

Spoiled Brat

Use this site at your peril

ordered an item on the 20th December, the website stated that the item was on a pre oI rder status apart from a few remaining in the size I required. As this was to be a gift for the end of the month I decided to order from Spoiled Brat rather than the manufacturer (the manufacturer had free delivery and a 10% off first order) as I did not want to wait until the 3rd January which was the date given if I bought direct. I received no dispatch information so wrote to Spoiled Brat to query the delay. They advised that they would not be dispatching this until the 3rd January, the same date as the manufacturer. The email received from customer services seems to imply that the fault was somehow mine for not reading the product description. The item concerned is still showing as in stock despite my complaint and the response to my complaint on the length of time it has taken for customer service to address my concerns was "As you are aware our offices were closed from Friday the 21st of December for Christmas and reopened today, this is the reason your emails were no responded to earlier" How I was supposed to have known that they decided to close the office 3 days before Christmas, this was not mentioned in any correspondence to me. I have written again to ask them to review the way this has been dealt with and am awaiting hopefully a more reasonable response to the error.
6th Jan, As yet I have still not received any response to my complaint. I did however receive an email on the 3rd of January to state that my order had been dispatched. This was followed by an email on the 4th January stating that an error had been made and the order had not been dispatched and was now again out of stock. The customer service department is unhelpful, inept and incompetent and I would not recommend this company to anyone. I would suggest that if you want a particular item from this store, bypass them and go direct to the manufacturer or use a different stockist to avoid stress and disappointment. If I could I would give this site a minus star rating.
7th Jan - I see spoiled brat have managed to respond to this review but have negated to accept their error. I am unsure if my comment shows as a response so have posted here too.
Wow, what a response. I suggest you check your emails before you come on this site and declare that no error has been made. Yes an error has been made and in case you did not understand I will clarify the situation once again. Yes this item was available on a pre order status APART from 3 IN STOCK in a size Large and this is what I ordered. I never once requested this for a Christmas delivery in fact my email quite clearly states that it was a gift for the end of the month. Your emails also quite clearly state that you were closed from the 21st until the 27th. You have also failed to address the fact that the you emailed me the article had been dispatched on the 3rd of January and then a follow up email on the 4th to say an error had been made and it had not been sent and was again out of stock. I am quite happy to copy and paste all emails sent and received on this site, including a screen print that clearly shows said item was in stock. I am amazed that you somehow found the time to respond to this review but as yet had not had time to email me directly with a response to my complaint. I stand by my initial review and will have no hesitation in taking this matter further.
Futher to the 2nd response from this company, I would ask any other poster to read my review here or my emails and point out any rude or aggressive language. Yet again they have swiftly side stepped the issue and tried to revert the blame on the customer. I have made no threats other than to state if they made any further libellous comments against me on this site that I would take legal advice and I will also ask for your response to be amended. I resent the accusation that I have been rude, abusive and have threatened you. I have posted a fair an accurate review and you have not answered my complaint apart from to post untruths.

07 January 2013

Reply from

Mark, all your emails have been responded to. You are actually in Europe, so ordering 20.12.12, would not have been sufficient time for this item to have been delivered in time for Xmas. Your delivery address is Spain.

The suit you ordered was on pre order , and was dispatched to you as stated on product 3rd Jan. You were sent a dispatch email, and also Elaine has responded to your emails, numerous times. I also have checked all emails that were sent to you, what Elaine actually pointed out to you is correct - you ordered 20th Dec (THUR) at 6:30PM. You then sent numerous emails over that weekend. Elaine simply explained to you that it was the weekend, and we are only open office hours - as per contact us page that you used to contact us from. We did not close out offices 3 days before Xmas. We simply do not work weekends! We reopened the monday, then Tue was Xmas, Wed Boxing Day!

We have not made any error here. Your order was dispatched to you within stated timeframe. Thankyou.


I find your emails extremely rude, and aggressive. No way to speak to a female.

I suggest you pursue this , for whatever case you feel you hav and take the action that continue to threaten us with as we will not be communicating with you any further on this issue.

You paid for an item, and under the Distance Selling Regulations, we have 30 days to deliver.

You stay in Spain! Not the UK! You ordered 6:30PM on THUR 20th December! Its been Xmas and New Year here! Holidays!

We have made no mistake on this order, and I don’t understand what exactly you are trying to achieve with your threats and abuse. It’s a shocking way for a man to act.

Do not contact us back, we have sent the item and completed our contract with you.

No one should have to take the level of abuse and threats that have come from you. Quite shocking!

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