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I've been bitten before using cut-price courier companies, huge parcels "going missing" aka nicked by the driver (Parcel2Go, I'm looking at you) so was somewhat wary of using another.

However, courierpoint collected a 15kg parcel and delivered it to France within 6 days for under £30.

Recommended to all.

31 March 2014

Reply from www.courierpoint.com

thank you for your review. kind regards - customer service team


Claimed hotel had availability when they didn't!

Looking to book the Penventon Hotel on 5/4/14.

The hotel's own website showed that they were fully booked but then I stumbled across otel.com who claimed there was availability!

And, get this, I would earn £5 cashback for booking via them......plus, otel.com's prices were £45 cheaper than the hotel's own website.

Go figure!


They do what it says on the tin

Their website asks you to evaluate your vehicle, each panel can be annotated with whatever damage exists so it's all transparent.

The valuation, as you'd expect, is well below what you'd get selling it privately - against that is the fact that you WILL get someone turning up at an appointed time and making you an offer based upon your description.

You have to factor their valuation against the hassle and cost of selling privately, having endless losers phoning you up telling you they're definitely interested but yet never turning up to even view........life's too short to be dealing with the general public.

I'd recommend these guys to all.......they knocked me down by £140 on their website valuation but the money was in my account within 5 minutes and the whole thing was painless.

If you value your time too precious to be interacting with tyre-kickers, give these guys a go.......they're very good and, as the title says, they do what it says on the tin.

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National Express-coach

Will spam you relentlessly.....

I'm sure the coach service they offer is very good, just be mindful to use a disposable email address when enquiring or booking via their website as "Sophie" from National Express will spam you relentlessly with "offers".


Don't use them!

The company managed to "lose" a 22kg parcel, jokers. I sent numerous emails endeavouring to find out where my parcel was (it was showing on their system as "out for delivery").

They also doctor the feedback on their website so that only good reviews are published.

In conclusion, they offer, in my experience, an appalling service and should be avoided.

Pet Supermarket

Will spam you with emails relentlessly

Ordered some items which they took payment for and then decided the goods were mispriced so cancelled the order!

Hasn't stopped them emailing me relentlessly since with "offers".

Be warned, use a disposable email address if you purchase from them.

02 January 2013

Reply from Pet Supermarket

Dear Mrs Richards,

I can only apologise for the promotional emails you are receiving, I can confirm I have arranged for you to be taken off our mailing list, so you shouldn't receive anymore promotional emails.

Kind Regards,

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