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Worst customer service ever.

I visited BOTH Millets stores in Brighton desperately trying to get some last minute camping supplies. Whilst visiting one store the staff moved at the speed of snails, did nothing to help and seemed completely disinterested in helping anyone (and it was OBVIOUS that several people needed help). One member of staff even took 'the mickey' out of my friend TWICE and then complained loudly on the till about how he was slow at using the till (there was a large queue at this point).
I also visited the other smaller Millets store and was told a delivery of tents was coming one morning, only to go back that morning to be told (like I was a total idiot) that there was no tent delivery. The members of staff in both shops were ridiculous and horrific examples of customer service. I work in retail and I would be appalled to know my staff were behaving like this.

I will definitely not be shopping in Millets ever again.

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