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Comms Express

Once again 100% reliable, value for money and everything you need !

Been using Comms Express for a while, once again everything went 100% to plan, easy ordering, prices were cheapest and arrived when they said it would which as it was going straight to site some 250 miles away and so was I, was very important.

Customer support always helpful and the bonus of the points, we got enough for a £35 Amazon voucher, something for nothing always goes down well.

Keep up the good work that's all I can say


Customer Service, What Customer Service ????

Got 2 Karrimor running shirts for christmas presents, one large one Extra Large, neither fitted despite me neve rhaving worn anything above a XL in my life. Have many runnign shirts from Nike, Adidas, Brooks etc and most are large. No way on this earth am i ever an XXL !.

Took them back to shop to get larger sizs as I like the tops, took the new tops to the checkitu only to be told they are 9.99 and the ones I have are coming up as 6.99, they are the same except the colour is orange on grey rather that grey on organge and one of mine had their bright green price tag at 9.99 still on it, as they were presents I had no reciepts.
One of the new ones also had a £6.99 price tag on it, the other it turned out had £9.99 tag for the EXACT same item, my suggestion they swop my £6.99 non priced one for the £6.99 prices one and the £9.99 for the one I have with a price on was rejected. Apparenrly it does not matter that they have their price tag on, its what the computer says, depite the fact I was not trying to change it for something else but the same shirt, I would have taken the grey/orange ones but they did not have them. Found another one same but with a zipped neck, again some on display at £6.99 other at £12.99. Where is the common sense, clearly one of the ones i had was purchased at £9.99 (tag on it), no idea what price the other one was but they would not change either as the new ones were showing as £9.99 !

Called customer service and tried to explain but they just said they should not have changed anything as I had no reciept, tried to explain it WAS Christmas and this is NOT what the signs say in the shop but she just put the phone down on me.

Called back and asked for a supervisor, guess what 'They are all busy' now if I had a pound for everytime someone gave me that rubbish, I would be able to buy the company. Promised someone would call me back (this was 1pm), still no call back by 4.30 so called back again, waited over 15 minutes as usual, asked to speak to the woman who was supposed to call me and they just put me through to receptiom where the phone just rang and rang. so had to call back YET gaain and wait another 15 minutes.

I spend (or rather spent as I wont set foot in this joke of a shop again) hundreds a year on running gear, shoes at £90-100 a pair every 3 months, shorts, tops etc they will never get my custom again. I run my own company and if any of my staff everr treated ANYONE like this they would be ex staff the next day.

Wait to see what my email to the Chairman brings, something I hope or next stop is a visit to his offices.

I can only advise people to AVOID this shop at all costs, you can get the same discounts elsewhere online and with MUCH better customer service.

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