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Very poor experience, delivery driver clearly a liar, customer service centre useless.

14/11/2012 : Well, the promised callback never happened and the parcel still hasn't turned up. The tracking website now shows that the parcel was at their depot at 13:39 today, so clearly no attempt at redelivery had been made. Got back onto the customer service centre (<private data removed>) who apologised for the delay and offered to arrange for a delivery tomorrow (15th) provided we could guarantee someone would be in to receive it in the morning! I explained this was neither acceptable or convenient, that they should be trying to arrange things for my convenience and not theirs, and suggested, as per their website, that the delivery be made on Saturday. She told me that Yodel do not make deliveries on a Saturday under any circumstances, so I asked her why it stated so on the redelivery option page of the website. She didn't reply. I asked again. She ignored me. I asked again, and (very politely) asked whether she was aware that the company she worked for and was representing offered particular services, at which point she terminated the conversation. How incredibly rude and unprofessional.

We've selected a suitable delivery date that's convenient for us, which (if they actually bother to deliver it) will mean the gift we have purchased will be a week late. No doubt I will be updating this review again.

YODEL - You are a JOKE. Your service is NON-EXISTENT. Your customer service staff TELL LIES, BREAK PROMISES, and are RUDE. Sort it out.

13/11/2012 : Parcel due to be delivered via Yodel from Amazon on Monday 12th November, "guaranteed delivery". No parcel delivered. Used the Yodel tracking facility on Monday evening and this morning (Tuesday) which stated that, at 7.30am on 12th "The parcel has been loaded on to the drivers van". Checked again at 1.00pm today (13th), and now it states "Delivery attempted, call card left" at 7.00pm yesterday - when no one had called and no card had been left.

Rang Yodel customer services and spoke to a very pleasant and helpful member of staff, who apologised profusely for the inconvenience and the fact that the driver had clearly left misleading information. She tried to contact the driver but was unsuccessful, but assured me she would make sure my local depot (in Middleton, Manchester) was made aware, etc, and promised faithfully we'd get a callback within 24 hours.

Yodel have got such a poor reputation, it's become increasingly worse since late 2011 (from personal and professional experience), I can't believe Amazon are still using them when other companies are leaving this incredibly inefficient unreliable delivery firm behind.


Amazon - getting worse and worse (UPDATED 27.11.2012)

27th November 2012

The continuing issue with Amazon Prime rumbles on, to the point I have posted a question to them on their "Facebook" page (I'll be interested to see whether they allow it to remain on there or delete it - so I have reproduced the posting here, just in case....)

"A Question For Amazon :

I have been a customer of your company for a number of years and, until recently, have been more than happy with your standard of service and your delivery times. However, when I pay for a service, I do not think it unreasonable that I should expect that service to be performed correctly. For example, the phrase "guaranteed delivery" contains the word "guaranteed", which the dictionary defines as "Something that assures a particular outcome or condition, a promise or an assurance, especially one given in writing, that attests to the quality or durability of a product or service, a pledge that something will be performed in a specified manner".

So, when AT LEAST 15 deliveries in the past 3 months have failed to arrive on time or at all, and your customer service team just keep offering free Amazon Prime (which failed to deliver in AT LEAST 15 separate occasions), it is understandable that it becomes a cause for concern. Let's face it, the only way I can "make use" of the "compensation" offered is to continue to purchase from your website.

How can you justify advertising things as "guaranteed delivery" when you clearly are unable to guarantee it? Why do you persist in using non-trackable means for these so-called guaranteed deliveries which mean having to wait and wait for either replacement items or refunds? Why can't your customer service team offer something instead of the ubiquitous "have an extra month Prime for free"?

I ask these questions in a public forum simply due to the fact that your "customer service" staff seem to be unable to give any kind of adequate response apart from sending out the same format e-mail time after time after time.

And as a matter of interest, I have had THREE failed deliveries in the last two days - please, Amazon, learn and understand what the word "GUARANTEED" actually means."


I've been using Amazon for years, but lately I've started to doubt whether I should continue to patronise them, and it's all down to their deliveries.

My family decided to start using the Amazon Prime service a couple of months ago after mainly relying on their free delivery option. This might have been £49 wasted, in all fairness. Anything ordered that Amazon dispatched via a non-trackable method either didn't turn up or turned up days late. Their customer service is awful (basically telling you to wait for a few days, even suggesting that it's our own fault for not selecting a trackable method!).

We have asked them why are things advertised as "guaranteed delivery" and then are sent via a non-trackable service which then fails to deliver on time or deliver at all, and have even reminded them that the dictionary definition of "guarantee" is :

"Something that assures a particular outcome or condition; a promise or an assurance, especially one given in writing, that attests to the quality or durability of a product or service; a pledge that something will be performed in a specified manner"

Amazon are therefore clearly failing in this assurance, their customer service staff are expecting customers to wait longer than is fair considering their website states "GUARANTEED DELIVERY".

Today I contacted them AGAIN to advise that yet another item has not turned up on the guaranteed delivery date, and I have not received a response as yet.

If they send anything via Royal Mail Trackable, DPD, City Link, HDML, Yodel, it turns up on the day it's due to come (with DPD, you even get an email with an ETA which is brilliant!). If they send it in the general post, it's luck of the draw as to whether it turns up.

It's unprofessional, it's disappointing, could it even be illegal to offer a service which then fails, quite literally, to deliver?

UPDATE : And now they've tried to make out that they had tried to deliver the item and it was returned as undeliverable! What an absolute crock!

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Used to be great, but now really awful

I used to use Play for most of my media purchases, right back to when they were Play247. However, as with pretty much everyone on the planet, when it came to belt-tightening and purse-string-tightening, it became necessary to shop around for better deals and lower prices. I still continued to use Play occasionally, but one incident at the end of 2011 (that is still ongoing) has pretty much convinced me that they will not be receiving my patronage in the future, and I will make it my business to shout from the rooftops to ensure friends and family know about the terrible customer services I have recently received.

I ordered an item at the end of November 2011, nothing fancy or expensive, which hadn't arrived by the end of December 2011. I informed them, and they told me I needed to print off a form, sign it, post it back, and they'd consider it (in these days of internet shopping, why use snail mail?!). Anyway, I did so, and left it a bit. Nothing. I mailed them again. They said they hadn't had the form and to reprint it. I had to ask for another one to be e-mailed to me, which they did and I sent again. Nothing. I ended up ringing them and got someone who barely understood what I was calling about. Eventually I got through the language barrier and they said I needed to send the form yet again. Which I did. And now, over 4 months since my first reporting the missing item, I STILL haven't had anything from them.

I've sent them one final email, and have advised that I would be looking into taking further action - a call to my local CAB has assured my that I CAN take further action, even over such a small amount.

Mazuma Mobile

Excellent service with this particular sale!

Prompt quick service, sale completed and payment received within less than 24 hours! Very impressed.

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