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Very poor

I originally ordered a "Versus Resonance SoundBar Sub (Wireless)-Home Cinema" @ £64.95 (inc next day delivery).

What can I say? Well, how about the fact that when I saw the DPD parcel guy outside with "my" parcel, I immediately knew something wasn't looking quite right.

The parcel given to me was, to say the least, a little on the light side. In fact, under 1kg!

So, I sit down, and wonder if science has managed to shrink my Versus Resonance SoundBar Sub (Wireless)-Home Cinema into a small box 12"x10"x8"

Even though I was wondering how I would manage to re-size my Versus Resonance SoundBar Sub (Wireless)-Home Cinema, because after all, my shrink ray gun was at the menders, I opened the box in anticipation of pulling out my Versus Resonance SoundBar Sub (Wireless)-Home Cinema.

I looked inside and wondered where my Versus Resonance SoundBar Sub (Wireless)-Home Cinema was. There was plenty of air bags, and a small device at the bottom, but I couldn't see my Versus Resonance SoundBar Sub (Wireless)-Home Cinema.

Never mind I thought, I'll use the Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver in the box to try and find my Versus Resonance SoundBar Sub (Wireless)-Home Cinema.

Nope, never found my Versus Resonance SoundBar Sub (Wireless)-Home all.....just the aforementioned Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver!!!

So, I get straight on the phone, a 0844 number that costs me money, and was on hold for around 15 minutes before being answered, then, while explaining to my new friend on the phone, I enquired as to what I should do to actually receive my Versus Resonance SoundBar Sub (Wireless)-Home Cinema.

You need an RMA number, then you need top print off a return label, and a return slip. Then take said package to a local "Collect+" shop, and drop it there.

Then I need to wait, and wait, and wait, with absolutely NO COMMUNICATIONS what so ever from iWoot as to what is happening!!!

So, despite contacting them through their customer service messaging system, (that NO ONE bothers to read), I am STILL without my Versus Resonance SoundBar Sub (Wireless)-Home Cinema at a cost of £64.95 (inc next day delivery)!

This was the first time I ever used your company, and you should have treated me like a King. You need to keep new customers sweet on you.

Then I finally get a response from an email, days later, and they finally refunded me...PARTIALLY...but, I am now waiting to get my postage costs refunded too!!!

Sorry, iwoot, this has been one mishap after another and I will never use your company, (or The Hut), again.

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