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Yodel HAVE TO DELIVER PARCELS?? - Surely not!

Unbelievable. We ordered a Christmas present from a well known mail order catalogue, received the bill for the goods via <external link removed>. That was 4th December. We tracked the item on the YODEL website and it arrived at out local depot (Gateshead) on 8th December.....

We waited a few days, no delivery or attempt. We contacted the mail order company and they said to wait 14 days and them call back, well with it being Christmas etc. we'd given up hope..

We went to the depot this morning to collect our parcel, 30 minutes after arriving the office guy returned en masse to tell me that the parcel can't be found and we have to contact the mail order company and report it missing!

I was furious and asked WHY it took 20 days without attempting to deliver etc. etc. Only to be told by one of the guys (looked like he was the manager) quote "Well, why didn't you call earlier!?" - Umm because you're the COURIER and the COURIER has vans in order to deliver to my home address (Forgive me if that's not what a courier does!!)..

So we are 20 days without a parcel or any clue where it is, and still have the bill which the mail order company expect us to pay.....

In future I will refuse to order anything from any company who use Yodel... Absolutely rubbish.

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